Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Paragon rocks the Gold Coast Opener CDI-W

I get updates from Heather Blitz via email. The most recent announcement gave me goosebumps... "International Grand Prix dressage rider Heather Blitz and her eight year old Danish Warmblood gelding Paragon won the Prix St George (75.746%) and the Intermediare I (73.5%) at the Gold Coast Opener CDI-W in their first show of the season beating strong fields each of 36 competitors."

Said Heather: "This was Paragon's best performance so far. He was as honest as possible and did exactly what I asked of him. I pushed for a bit more in the Intermediare 1 and he really responded well. The test was full of wow moments and things that gave me goose bumps!"


  1. Elegant pair. Truly lovely.

    Confession: I find watching dressage tests boring. Is that wrong if I am a dressage rider? I enjoy watching a training session much more. I like to witness the learning. BUT this test was NOT boring. I was captivated from start to finish by both the flow of the test movements and the horse and rider. Thanks for sharing.

    Heather Blitz looks beautiful in her helmet!

  2. Val, I confess I feel the same -- I never watch much of the Rolex dressage, and even at Devon I tend to watch only specific rides (riders I know, horses I know, etc). The more I know about dressage, the more interesting it is.

    Heather is really a very pretty lady. I saw some footage of her talking about her web site and she could be a model!

  3. Very elegant ride on a beautiful and talented horse.

    And I totally agree with Val. The helmet is perfection! More than three cheers to see an FEI rider wearing one. Way to go!

  4. Amazing! I love Heather, not only because she is the same height as I am so I don't feel like too much of a weirdo, but look at that horse; no crazy swishing tail, froth dripping mouth, rollkurred neck, legs aren't chicken wing flapping, hands are still. She is a beautiful rider and her horse proves it!

  5. Hello! Hello! You have a blog award waiting for you over on my blog! I enjoy reading yours so keep writing..I used to think watching dressage was as enjoyable as watching grass grow....now I love seeing grass grow, watching dressage tests and your blog too!


  6. Fabulous! The epitome of horse and rider as one unit, flowing together - I loved it and would have loved to have known what the judges said.

    Also thrilled to see her in her helmet - can you pass on to her just how many of us appreciate that?


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