Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My bridle coffin: A new product idea?

Okay, so I need some help with a brand name. But the basic idea isn't a bad one...

A storage dilemma
My trainer travels to my barn to work with Riley, and she's very busy with many horses to ride each day. To help her save time, I moved my saddle etc.  to the area across from Riley's stall. The dust exposure is high. The saddle is on a stand in a heavy duty, fur-lined saddle bag. But what about the bridle?

The average bridle bag would get dusty too fast, and it's too easy for it to slip behind something. How to store it? I found the answer to my problem in the aisles of the local Target--a plastic box  intended for storing two pairs of shoes. Voila! It's airtight and my bridle and Gumbits fit in there perfectly. It's ightweight, easy to open/close, easy to clean, and easy to store.

Maybe I've watched too many Twilight trailers, but...
The box is vaguely morbid. Have you ever seen Lenin's tomb? Or the glass coffin of Saint Catherine Labouré (left)? That's what I think of when I look at the container. I referred to it jokingly as "the bridle coffin," and the name has stuck.


  1. The Bridle Box... or "Brox" ;)

    I myself just picked up another little storage box from Target for odds and ends that I use occasionally... not often enough to stay in the tray of my Stanley tack trunk, but not infrequently enough to designate them to the bottom of the trunk. The other 2 boxes I have are for first aid stuff and tack cleaning supplies.

    When I do a better spring cleaning, I'll probably get more little boxes to keep things tidy in the trunk. I think they are great, inexpensive ways to stay ordanized!

  2. Haha. On the plus, you're not the only person I know who keeps their bridle in a coffin ;)

  3. If you want to make it more fun, take some contact paper or shelf-liner with adhesive and stick that to the inside bottom. Preferably something in a colourful print to keep up Riley's spirited theme, no?

  4. I hang my bridle in a bag but you are right, it gets dusty. I like your idea better. Off to Target this weekend..@ Story, just take an oversize towel and throw it over everything, doesn't look wonderful, but it keeps saddle and pad dust free and it's easy to shake out or wash.

  5. There is a certain disturbing similarity. *G*

  6. LOL just a bit morbid. Hopefully no bad omens will arise from it :O

    I agree with Story. There's not a horn to hang a bridle on my dressage saddle, but I can still lay it over it. The Kensington Dressage Saddle Bags are HUGE (practically room for TWO saddles!) with a saddle pad compartment also, and I've been able to fit all three pads in it. It's not cheap (well, it's cheaper than a Mattes pad!) but I feel it was a good investment. Plus, the tack remains spotless even in the high dust area, it'll be super easy to wash, and it comes in cute colours (like pink!). It'll be nice to use in the group tack room at the stable I will move to when I go to university :)

  7. Honestly, Dressager, it creeps me out! Never mind the creepy coffin photos :-)

  8. I must confess. I love the Bridle Coffin. I think it's brilliant marketing. You feel good about it, and everyone else will be so creeped out, there's no worrying your bridle will...disappear. Win-win.
    I like the "Brox" as well.
    I found *perfect* helmet coffins at Target. Snap on lids and neato carrying handle. Clear plastic with a lime green lid, I can toss my helmet, gloves, spurs in the box and go catch riding anywhere! I bought a second one for my paddock boots. No more mud in the car. Mud in the box!

  9. I like the idea, though. I tend to surround myself with plastic storage devices...

    I just had an image of a way to set it up with an added benefit of not looking QUITE as morbid. If you have the right surface, space, and permission, maybe you could put some screws through it to hang it vertically on the wall. I'm not sure, yet, how to affix a bridle "hanger" to the inside, but if you could come up with something it could both hang in a way to hold it shape better and make it more like a locker than a coffin.

  10. I love it! You could get a little more into the coffin idea with a slighty diffrent box and some velvet lining!

  11. Building on Katie L's suggestion, you could place the box against a wall and put a bridle holder inside, putting the screws for the rack right through the plastic and into the wall.

    It is a bit morbid looking as pictured.

    Any mold/mildew probs from sweaty leather in an airtight box?


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