Monday, February 14, 2011

Dressage t-shirts: A tough sell (and a giveaway!)

I love the shirt I found ( and blogged about yesterday. That said, it's hard to find really good, clever dressage t-shirts, and the shirt to my right proves it. It's from, a company that posts shirts that anyone with an account can design. Dressage t-shirts messages seem to always be have one or several of these elements.
  • Verbiage about being perfectionist, perfect, achieving perfection -- sorry, they just seem a little smug.
  • The horses are doing upper level movements, and maybe the verbiage suggests the wearer does upper level movements.  I've never done so much as a half-pass. Don't think I'd be fooling anyone!
  • General snootiness, like here, or here.
  • Awkwardness -- like what we see on the right. Hardly pithy, is it?
  • Some are a little too naughty.
So, if I make up my own t-shirt for my own brand of riding, I can hardly do worse. Here are my off the top of the head thoughts/ideas on a t-shirt:
  • To be worn riding at home: This is what dressage on a budget looks like
  • For horse shows: Whinnying is everything
  • For riding Riley: Chestnut is the new black
  • For riding Harv: Retirement: Let the grazing begin 
 Hey, what ideas do you have for a dressage shirt/message shirt? The best shirt idea will win one of the spreadshirt tees that I blogged abou yesterday...


  1. Okay, the naughty underpants mad me laugh. It's going to take me awhile to come up with an entry.


    My favorite dressage shirt :-)

  3. "Learn dressage from A to Z and you're going to get lost in the arena."

    "Dressage, the sport for those who haven't learned the alphabet."

    OK, that was bad.

    Let me think on it. I like yours. *lol*

  4. I kind of like the the 17 hands one... hahah!

  5. I have an awesome shirt that says "I halt for dressage" with a thellwell style illustration.

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  7. I sure can't wear those undies- my horses aren't even 15 hands!!

    I like the one from Jean- "Dressage, the sport for those who haven't learned the alphabet."


  8. Ha! I have the 17 hands one on a t-shirt! No witty dressage sayings though.. sorry.

  9. This one really isn't mine. I've seen it on a bumper sticker, but I'd like it on a t-shirt.


    also had a long sleeved shirt once that had Ride The Corners down the sleeves.

    Loved that shirt.

  10. Raising my hand for the "Whinnying is everything" shirt. I'd buy it! And wear it every time I haul Quinn to an event. He is beyond annoying with his need to talk to everyone, as loudly as possible.
    You really should start your own line. I think you're onto something here!

  11. Someone in comments on another blog mentioned instead of Carpe Diem a farm should be named "Carpe Manure Fork". I love that.

  12. Dressage: The Priciest Route From Point A to Point B.

  13. LOL! I love yours. Those are fantastic. I'll have to think on it. I'm too tired to be clever right now. How long do we have to think of something?

  14. ok this is alluding to naughty...
    "Dressage Riders do it with their seat!"

  15. Well I don't have any clever sayings to share but did want to say that the ones left are great. I bought 3 of the dressage love shirts yesterday, one for me and 2 for friends (even though one is a crazy eventer).

  16. I don't have any clever sayings to share, but I did like the one that Jean posted, "Dressage, the sport for those who haven't learned the alphabet." Some days I don't know my left from my right.
    I did however buy 3 of the dressage love tshirts, one for me and the other 2 for friends (even though one is a crazy eventer).
    Thanks for a great blog.

  17. Dressage: French for 'makes me feel like I can't ride'

  18. "Dressage" aka legal human torture sitting trot style.

  19. Nothing yet thrills me. Okay, let's open it up to not-just-dressage, but horses in general (whinnying is everything for ex). Keep the ideas flowing, and if you like a particular comment, comment in support of it!

    Think pithy and repeatable. Thanks!

  20. Horse Back Riding - the sport you can spend your whole life learning.

    You say I need therapy - I say this IS my therapy! (I say this in real life) With a picture of a horse or something underneath

    I don't know, creativity is GONE.

  21. Dressage riders do it with Schwung?

    This is dressage on a budget (plain heather grey t-shirt, courier font).


    Excerpted from Fenway Bartholomule's "new Sport of Fenssage: Pee Wee test 1," I offer this t-shirt slogan:

    A—Enter under duress.
    X—Drift, slow, salute.

  23. Equestrianism: The only sport where you can talk about whips, spurs, and leather without being called a pervert.


  24. I ride, therefore I rule.

    According to my horse, 'Go' is the new 'Whoa'.

    I make carrot slobber look good.

    If a half-halt is a partial halt, what does that make a half-pass?

    S it
    A ss
    D own.
    D on't
    L eave.
    E ver.

    Isn't a spur stop an oxymoron?


  25. I *loved* the following one, "Equestrianism: The only sport where you can talk about whips, spurs, and leather without being called a pervert."

    I could also picture a t-shirt with the quote "I do all my own stunts" I can envision this working with several different pictures, eventing, rodeo, or even just a cute horse.

  26. USDF sold socks at the World Cup here a few year ago that I loved:

    My dance partner has two left feet.

    I loved it - I want a bumper sticker with that.

    I do have two snarky ones, but its because I have gotten snubbed at a couple of shows (by competitors AND a judge, believe it or not - its much better now, but geeze):

    My Arabian put the Warm in your Warmblood.

    And my other one:

    Without Arabians, that Warmblood you're on would be a Budweiser Clydesdale.

    I also like:
    I make Half Passes.

    My trainer has one on a bag:
    Dressage, where the weak are killed and eaten.

  27. Dressage: Sport of Queens
    (it's a scepter, not a whip)

    Sprinkler Bandit made me laugh out loud. :)

    I am so not good at this!

  28. "I half-halt for hotties"
    "I half-halt for studs"

    "Yes, I have whips, boots, and spurs. Why?"

    "My pleasure is Western."
    "I get my thrills with Western Pleasure."

    "I like big butts" then a photo of a muscled horse's bum, with the horse turning looking at you


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