Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentines Day! My gift  to you guys is this T-shirt design (artwork on right).  I found it online but it was only available in Europe (unless you like to pay international postage). Early last week I pestered  the designer--Paul in Leipzig, Germany--to make it available on the U.S. site. Paul graciously complied, and the design is now available in the U.S. market.

Because I do nothing half-way, I set up shop to promote it. You can see lots and styles and variations on the shirt below at The prices start at  $11.  Paul will get a commission from sales, but I don't benefit monetarily.  I'm just happy to bring this neat-o dressage design to the U.S. of A. and to you guys :-).

Check out more of Paul's horse/dressage designs  at his shop Le Shirt.


  1. What a neat shirt! My daughter LOVES it (as well as myself)...and I know a few of my fellow dressage riders will enjoy it too. Thank you for making this design available to us:)

  2. What a clever design. Thanks for all your work to make it available.

  3. In love with this shirt! I bought one without batting an eyelash! Thank you Stacy!

  4. Stacey, do you have any idea how the sizing runs on this? I used to wear a medium, but with the way sizes run now, I can often wear a small. Any idea?

  5. hi,

    I´m the designer of this shirtdesign.

    I hope you all will be happy with your shirts. I didn´t published it for the US because I wasn´t sure if the dressage arena is really the same like in germany.

    Stacey - thanks for your efforts :)

  6. This shirt is adorable! I just love it.

  7. Hi Kitty Bo,

    The size chart seems s to be tailored to the shirt type. I got the organic slim fit Medium and it is tailored looking but not tight, which is true to size...


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