Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Forget animal communicators! DIY with the Linden flower

Last week I met a few folks for dinner (work-related) in the center city of Bethlehem PA. Parking was easier than anticipated and I arrived a few minutes early. I popped into the only open store, which was Ostara-A Witches Cauldron. Yep, a witchcraft store. It's a charming store in a charming neighborhood, and I especially enjoyed going through their great variety of Wiccan herbs, each with its own special properties. The unique properties were written on each bag. Most had to do with love and sex but one bag was labelled "horse magic."


Linden flower is an aid to animal communications. The sales lady indicated that most of her customers were communicating with spirit animals but she had suggestions for my question about how it would work with an actual horse (Riley). Her suggestion was to:
  • Put it in a linen or cheesecloth bag.
  • Add some of Riley's hair to bring him close to it.
  • Wear it somewhere on the saddle while riding.
Hey, I'm all for trying it. And I'll tell you why next time around. My special thanks to the lady at Ostara; she was helpful and didn't laugh at my intended use. Also, she supports the Bethlehem Mounted Police, so I will be going back there when they restock the Linden Flower. Great gift idea don't you think?


  1. Fascinating! Yes, do let us know when you try it. Can't wait to hear.

  2. How interesting! Look forward to hearing your results...if it's good, there may be a 'run' on Linden flower!!

  3. you don't need a flower to talk to your horse, you just have to trust yourself that what your getting is real

  4. Fascinating. I will be eager to hear if you have any results. A good communicator can really help, so why not try doing it yourself? Sounds good to me.

  5. Maybe we should all plant a linden tree in the pasture.

  6. Ah, Paigely! Some people think tears have power, because of what they signify -- others think they're just salt and water. Sounds like you're in the latter category?

    I want to believe that the mind, and our emotions, and the things that come from the earth can have an influence we don't understand. I know it sounds goofy but I think it makes your life so much richer. There's nothing lost in trying :-)

  7. Some for me! Some for me!


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