Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Harv: the Warhol Years

Well, Harv's name is now linked with yet another legendary icon.  His past is littered with Big Name affiliations and liaisons:  Noam Chomsky, Steve Jobs,  Henry Kissinger, Carl Sagan, Cher, the William Buckleys (senior and junior), and embarrassingly, Beyoncé (she still texts him). And now, posthumously, Andy Warhol.

What'dya think?


  1. In my own humble (or self-important, not sure which) opinion, Harv in this iteration is far more appealing than soup cans, brillo boxes, or Marilyn and her egregiously smeared lips. It must be something for this fine horse to be connected with so exalted a line-up of iconic individuals.

  2. gorgeous! want it of my horse, framed, and on my wall STAT!

  3. Way cool!! Harv is a true star!

  4. YEAH!!!! I LOVE it! WOW - I want that one on a shirt:)

  5. Looks good! I made mine years ago, not as nice though.


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