Monday, March 14, 2011

No divas here: the TuffRider giveaway!

If I know one thing about BTB readers it's that you're not divas. You guys often care for your own horses, and if not, you're involved in their care; you're knowledgable and always learning; and your horses are an integral part of your life. Many of you have riding/competing goals, you  have the challenge of competing without breaking the bank. I'm so pleased to be able to offer this great opportunity from a great company, TuffRider.TM

Zoe Coolmax Dressage Show Shirt $54

The Not-A-Diva Giveaway, courtesy TuffRider!
Recently Tuff RiderTM contacted me with an offer to do a show clothes giveaway for the summer 2011 show season. Manna from heaven for the competitive rider! Here's how the giveaway works:
  • Decide you are going to show and that you will use the show shirt and breeches (one winner, two items).
  • Leave a comment with an identifying name/pseudonym or your email. The comment should: 
    • Describe what you think are the most important characteristics/traits of show attire. 
    • Make a case for why you are the most worthy recipient. "Worthy" is interpreted broadly here. Worthy could be related to financial straits, but don't limit yourself. A funny, creative, insightful, off-the-wall answer will get noticed too.
  • Check back on Tuesday, March 22 to find out the winner.
 About TuffRider
Kashmere Full Seat $79
Here's a little bit about TuffRider. Let me mention that I have never purchased TuffRider (they offer selected breeches in Long, but not the kind I usually wear). However, just this winter a friend gave me an old pair of her TuffRider winter breeches that no longer fit her. They fit beautifully -- not really that short -- and they are very comfortable and durable. I blog a lot about pricey stuff, like Mattes pads and Pikeur breeches, so it's a pleasure to endorse a product that offers great quality and comfort at an affordable price. And looking at the breeches to the right I totally love the waistband -- it looks very comfortable
 Here are some details about the clothes...

Zoe CoolmaxTM Dressage Show Shirt
The Zoe CoolmaxTM Dressage Show Shirt will keep you cool in the show ring, even when the sun is blazing down your black coat. This stylish show shirt features flattering pleating in the front and back for a modern fit.

KashmereTM Full Seats
KashmereTM is a one-of-a kind super combed-cotton and Lycra woven fabric made with fine, 2-ply cotton yarns for superior softness. Our KashmereTM is Teflon treated to give you a high-performance, stain resistant, full seat breech with perfect stretch, fit, and a superb look in the ring. Additionally, the full seat is made with SILX, a stretch imitation leather that gives you an upscale look.


  1. My most important traits in show attire have to do with the ability to stay conscious in a Tucson summer. Most of our shows are at a location known for constant wind. Which is great in the spring and fall... but during the prime show season? Yeah, having 117 degree wind hit you? That's a convection oven, not a relief!
    Clothing has to whick moisture from you and let you wash away the sweat stains. Mud stains, too, as you can't get away with NOT washing your horse after getting them hot in the summer sun. Coats get waived for most shows, so of course you have to have a show top which is both wearable and suitable-looking.
    As I was the kid whose teammates used to stand around yelling "hey, look at the fly up on the big horse!" in college, I am one who would be considered height-challenged. On a 16.3hh OTTB who gets quite... exuberant... over new places. Even in the summer heat. So my functional, cool show clothing has to withstand a warmup ride in which I am completely soaking wet from trying to keep my short self moving with my very large-moving love of my horsey life.

    This is my first year showing my horse. That means I've had to join every organization, get him registered, buy the acceptable clothing (and still not happy with the breeches - I actually love Tuff Riders and haven't seen them in white! I'll be buying some even if I *don't* win this!), and on top of that I have a mother who is out of work and I will be supporting through her (unintentionally early) retirement. I think just living with my mother again means I must deserve something! We're both selling homes and moving on to horse property so I only have to pay bills on one household, and I can also give her money for her car insurance, diabetes medication, etc. Basically, I'm living with my mom for the sake of being able to have a chance to be able to afford to show, because the showing would lose out before I would fail to take good care of her. So any little bit helps.
    If nothing else, my horse asks that I win so I can stop boring him with stories of how hard I'm working for him. Check out this yawn!

  2. Well, my fingers are crossed, because this is honestly one of my most favorite brands!

    I always shop on a budget, more so now that I have a second horse. However, I am notoriously hard on clothes of all kinds, and it's hard to find equipment that holds up to a lot of abuse. I'm hardly obese, but I was not fortunate enough to be born with the metabolism of a cheetah, so I also need a wardrobe that doesn't play mean tricks on my anatomy. Plus, when you live in riding clothes, as I often do, they need to be COMFY!

    So let's recap: Good clothes need to be affordable, comfortable, and tough -- and if you show or train, they need to look professional. Pretty demanding, right? Well, TuffRider has pulled through for me in all these areas before, whether it was schooling or show or even equine attire!

    I'm still rocking a pair of tan full-seats (Aerocools) my old boss handed down to me a few years ago. She rode in them to school her fancy FEI horses, and then I put them through my vicious four-barn, six-horse daily cycle. They've been through hundreds of hours in the saddle and hundreds of wash cycles and still look great. Buuut, it would be really awesome to have a sparkly new white pair to get my young horse back into the show ring this year!

  3. 1) The most important aspect of show attire is that it's clean and fits appropriately. Which brings me to ...

    2) Because I've been wearing the same white fullseat breeches since I was in high school (and am now getting ready for a milestone reunion, if you catch my drift), and they're a gnarly and unflattering collection of mud spatters and cellulite dimple shadows due in part to the deleterious effects of nearly a decade of machine washing. (Also due to these effects, when it rains they're now far more translucent than pants should ever be. Yikes. Help me. Save yourselves. Nobody needs to see that business.)

  4. I'm not entering, but I just wanted to say my hat is off to Net!

  5. The most important traits in my show attire is breathability and fast drying ability. Being by the great lakes the humidity often reaches 90% and it is in the 80-90's at shows. To say peeling clothes off at the end of the day is an understatement. Plus having sweat marks on your shirt really sucks when you are in a class. You know where the marks are.

    Show clothes also need to have great stain resistance because the person who decided white breeches and a white shirt with a white stock collar at a dressage show is great was clearly insane or truly evil. Even if you wear an over pants/shirt until you get on, you WILL get dirty. Being able to get them crisp for the next show is extremely important.

    I would love new attire and finally retire the full seat breeches I have been wearing for the past 5 years. While they are still "white", they are not as crisp as they have been in the past. Patched holes in the crotch, new snap, replaced velcro at legs, yeah I really need a new pair of breeches. The ones I bought to replace them? Yeah. Ripped apart at butt seam while mounting. Luckily you didn't notice while mounted so I had to sit on my horse for 2 hours then hide when I got off and run in the trailer. Not. Cool. Alas my old trusty is slated to be pulled out of the closet again this year.

  6. I'm 50+ years old, and I have 3 kids in college. The only way I can get show clothes is to win them!
    My great ambition is to beat a pony clubber in an open class. Any class at all, just want to beat the little monkeys just once.

  7. I think that the most important traits for show gear is comfort, durability and style! Comfort is obvious, it's no fun to be hot, sweaty, stressed and in clothes that don't fit right or are not made right. Durability because some of us can't afford new show clothes every season and would like show clothes that last (and still look awesome!) and of course the style has to be classic and classy! Despite what everyone wants to believe we're graded on not just how well we ride but also what we ride in.

    I think that I should win them because as all my extra money goes towards taking the best care possible of my horses and my family, we don't have extra money for show clothes, period. I haven't bought new show clothes in 6+ years and since I've had a baby, my shape has, er, blossomed a bit so most of my riding clothes don't fit anymore! I work 30+ hours a week, take care of my 2 year old son on a daily basis and make sure my family is well taken care of. I will be showing for the first time this year in at least 5 years and can't wait to get riding again with other people!

  8. For me, the most important trait for show clothes is that they are comfortable. There's nothing like trying to sit the trot in your dressage test with your breeches rubbing holes in your knees while your shirt collar is choking you! They also have to be comfortable in that they're cool - summer showing is less than ideal because of the heat. I mean, black wool coat, long sleeve shirt, breeches and tall leather boots? I get a bit toasty in my show outfit.

    I am currently a college student which by definition means that I don't have a whole lot of money and what I do have all goes into my horses. My young TB and I are hoping to show this summer so show clothes would be more than welcome, white breeches for dressage (my current white breeches are see through = very embarrassing) and a coolmax shirt is something that I've been craving forever, I'm sure it will make showing so much more comfortable!

  9. No plans to compete this season. If I do, it will be spur of the moment.

    Comfort, fit and "coolness" were always a priority when I did show. Looks like these clothes fit the bill.

    But I've always questioned the sense of white breeches in dressage. It's so hard to keep a good pair clean. Wouldn't it be great if someone came up with a totally dirt repellent pair???

  10. I read your blog daily and always look forward to it. I have never left a comment but today making the plunge because of my huge need for some white show breeches. I have just started riding dressage again after taking many years off to raise a family and finish college. As many of us are, I'm on a very tight budget, I have a show next month and still no breeches, (been hoping some would miraculously appear). I am not the young super fit rider I once was, so finding a breech and shirt that fits well, is comfortable, well made and affordable can be hard find, and to me are the ideal traits. I have heard great things about Tuff Riders clothing line and have wanted to try a pair but our one and only tack store doesn't carry them. I think it is great you are having this contest and informing us about good quality, yet affordable ridng gear. Thanks for the info! By the way-love the reports about Riley, he is the same age as my mare and hearing about your ups and downs makes me feel like I'm not the only one in the world dealing with similar issues-Good Luck with that wild man!)

  11. Not entering: just another thumbs up for Tuff Rider. They last forEVER. I've had pairs for years, of riding more than one horse a day, and had someone ask me if I had on new breeches. Nope. Just washed 'em. :)

    They picked a perfect blog to do the contest on, way to go Tuff Rider.

    Good luck everyone!

  12. First THANK YOU and TuffRider!

    I guess the best trait of show attire is that it must fit correctly, repel dirt, and be comfortable for the season.

    I've got two reasons for needing new show clothes... first off I'm over 40 mom who has three kids, 1 in college.

    When I decided to compete again after 22 years I was wearing woman's size 16. A year later I dropped to a woman's size 4. I can tell you that NOTHING fits, not even my tall boots ! They fell off when I stepped up!

    The last show I competed in last fall I wore my daughters XL kids white riding tights, my trainers Dressage coat (at least 1 or 2 sizes too big) and had to buy new boots and shirt. The coat came down over my hands, and the riding tights were completely unflattering. Because of the lack of appropriate attire and rising college tuition I most likely won't be competing this season =(

  13. Show clothes must be comfortable and must be easy to clean. I absolutely don't want to suffer from chaffing or be fighting the fit of my breeches while riding. No matter how hard I try I always get dirty so the dirt and stains must wash out easily. I don't want to have to retire an expensive pair of breeches due to some unfortunately placed mud stains.

    I am the most worthy recipient because I am a resilient, persistent and passionate adult amateur chicken who regularly puts on a brave face whether it is to face a lesson with no stirrups, get on my fresh youngster or to compete on the cross country course. And I want to look good while doing it!

  14. This will be my first season to be a competitor - not just a show mom. My daughter has always been my focus, so this year,,,it is my turn!
    I believe the most important features in show clothes are great fit, comfort, long wearing, and looks good in all weather. I don't think clothes have to be the most expensive to produce nice turnout.
    I am a green rider training a 4 yr old Warmblood x TB mare. I need just about everything clothing wise in order to show dressage this year. I am excited - nervous -
    can't wait!

  15. The most important trait of a good show outfit is that it makes you feel confident, relaxed and in charge of the ring. You shouldn’t have to worry about too-long sleeves, a baggy jacket, non-breathable material in the hot sun, or itchy breeches. You’re there to ride and look damn good doing it, and the outfit needs to help that cause, not hinder it.

    Now for my reasons.
    1. As of three months ago, I was a lifelong hunt seat rider. My plaid coat, pinstriped show shirts, and olive green Ariat Pro Circuit breeches are going to identify my former life so quickly, the judge won’t even have to watch my ride to know what to write down: “Rider seems tense and forward,” “Relax through the ankles,” and “Rider: there are no fences anywhere in this arena.” I can see it now.

    2. All of my breeches and tights currently have at least one hole in them. Including my “show breeches”. Every. Single. Pair. (Except this one pair that I bought when I was 20lbs heavier. When I wear them people laugh and ask if “saggin’ baggin’” is the new look for 2011.) It’s probably because I haven’t purchased a new pair since high school, but who’s counting?

    3. Full seat breeches: What am I missing out on? Would they make me stop sliding around so much in the saddle? Is this the holy grail of riding attire that I am missing out on? I wouldn’t know, because they’ve never graced my rear before.

    4. Street cred: I have destroyed what little I may have had at my new Dressage barn. First I show up in half chaps and jeans, then I get on the horse with my hip angle so closed that all the teenage Dressage Queens at the barn wondered if I had a stomach ache. I’m hoping that maybe with discipline-appropriate show clothes I would gain a few shreds of my pride back.

    5. My horse is embarrassed. Yes, the 23 year old gentleman that I ride each week has threatened to end our relationship if I show up in the show ring wearing “that.” He knows Dressage way better than I do (Thank God he remembers that we have to halt and salute at X, because sometimes I don't) and he’s afraid of what his buddies will say about his choice in people when we go to our first show in April.

    I rest my case.

  16. bcircle@rentechboilers.comMarch 14, 2011 at 9:35 PM

    Fit, Fit, Fit! I like a tailored look (like the shirt shown) to be in keeping with a precise, elegant test. I show in Oklahoma where coats are generally waived, so I prefer a tailored shirt that is not white. Breathable fabric is also important since it WILL be hot! My local showing friends know me as a value shopper, but also know that I won't compromise function.

    Our first two show dates are May 7-8 and June 18-19. I would love to be the lucky winner, and not just for the great clothes. My mare has a big fan club so I'll have many opportunities to tell the BTB/TuffRider story, which would be great fun!

  17. For me, show attire should be clean and tidy, in keeping with tradition, and should fit the rider well. Beyond that, I don't care if you paid $25, $250, or $2500 for your outfit, and I don't think the judge should either!

    I am actually entering on behalf of my younger sister, who is 12 and will be entering her first year of showing this summer. I think she is worthy because she has been a hard little worker for the past 2 years that she has been riding with me. She is not a very athletic kid, so learning to balance, post, and use her legs to cue her horse has been very challenging for her and I am proud of the persistence she has displayed. For 3 years, she has come along to shows, playing the part of the faithful groom and helper, and has never complained about the heat, the dirt, or the hard work. I am so happy that it is her turn this year and can't wait to see her in the show ring on my horse!

  18. First of all, a huge thank you to TuffRider!
    I took up dressage only recently, after discovering that only 24, my back was no longer going to hold up to jumping and eventing. I was heartbroken, but, at least it introduced me to my new love!
    I also adopted a gorgeous chestnut OTTB mare who is coming along incredibly well. Together, we are hoping to enter the show world this summer.
    However, I have recently lost 43 pounds and now have no show clothes that will fit, and with two young thoroughbreds, I just can not afford anything new! Not that my striped shirt and tan knee-patch jumping breeches were going to look very good at a dressage show... It would be so nice to have breeches and a shirt that would look lovely, as well as be comfortable. My mare is beautiful, and I need to look good too!

  19. Dear Stacey at BTB,

    I am writing this for my mom STB Eventer ( Please don’t tell her I am using her computer! I am sure she would not approve of her horse here in the house! I tried not to get any shavings on the rug, but I might have! I am writing because I think my mom would love to win the TuffRider shirt and breeches!

    My mom is an adult amateur who works very hard with me to do these things called dressage and eventing. (I have done hunters and western too, but that was just for fun!) I am a Standardbred mare who only knew how to race really fast and have babies, so this was all new to me. I am learning, slowly but surely! I like doing the dressage patterns better than the jumping, but I do love to gallop on cross country! My mom did not get me until I was 15 and everyone told her I was too old to be a show horse. Boy, did we prove everyone wrong! I am 20 this year but I act much younger.

    We have won lots of ribbons and trophies but my mom was really excited when I was named a 2010 USDF All Breed champion at Training level. I think that means that I now have to do First Level this year, but I can do the moves at home and in lessons, so I bet I can do them in the show ring too!

    My mom’s real job is teaching English at the local high school, so her budget is hardly suitable for her chosen hobby. ;-D I know she likes us to look good in the show ring though and she saves and scrimps so I can have the best of everything. She likes to buy show attire that wears well, feels comfortable, and looks fashionable. It can get really hot at shows in the summer and my mom would keep cool in a pretty new show shirt. And she could really use new show breeches. Her old pair of full seats are beginning to get pilly and grayish from repeated use and washing. And it even rained at a show once and parts of the inner thigh is now stained black! I know she is trying to save to buy new clothes for this year, especially since we are going to move up a level, but winning a new outfit would be really great! My mom does so much for me that she usually puts her own needs last. Thank you for listening! (Gee, that was a lot of typing with these hooves! I am not sure how you people do it!)

    ~ Dreamy Starlet

  20. For me, the most important traits in show attire is that they fit the expected standards of the particular discipline and that they are well made and affordable. I have always worked for my lessons (since I started at age 11) and have never had parents pay for a single lesson or show fees. I get very creative when purchasing clothes for riding- buying used, on sale, and looking for things that last! I remember having a TuffRider fleece jacket as a kid and being especially proud to wear a jacket that wasn't any old random coat, but a jacket actually made for the barn.

    I would be really deserving of this contest because I will be doing my first dressage shows this summer. I showed in the local hunters growing up and have done some jumper shows, but this summer I am excited to do some eventing, combined tests, and dressage shows as well. Also, because I am FINALLY getting comfortable with sitting the canter (that's what growing up in a hunter barn will do to you!) and what better way to celebrate than with full seat breeches?

  21. Well it's been a few years since I have been in the show ring but for me the most important trait is functionality. I'm nervous enough at a show that the last thing I need is to be in uncomfortable attire. Of course it needs to meet the requirements and look classy however I will not sacrifice for fashion at a show. It doesn't matter how good I look.... it won't help me ride better and it won't raise my scores.

    So why should I win ( :

    1.Well even though fashion is not the most important thing I do LOVE some pretty breeches. And I happen to LOVE Tuffrider.... after trying several other brands they not only look good but fit my body type (so important!!)
    2. This is my first year showing my fabulous palomino. He is my first horse to purchase on my own and my first horse that is actually built for dressage so high hopes for this one.
    3. And yeah I'm a poor grad student who spent her savings on a long maned yet strikingly gorgeous blond hunk and puts more money into his food account then my own so you can imagine what my clothing budget looks like!!

  22. Hi BTB!

    I'm not positive that I'll be able to show this year, but I have my fingers crossed that financially I'll be able to go to a USDF show (or maybe two?!) over the summer in order to work toward my bronze medal. Other than that I'll do GMO shows. I don't own a horse, but I am a working student for a local trainer over my summer breaks and ride any horse that I have the opportunity to.

    Last year I went to my first show, so I haven't had much time to figure out what I like in terms of show clothes. I did, however, realize the benefit of COOL clothes, as I live in the South and in July (and the rest of the summer for that matter)the show ground feels like a sauna! Obviously being a high school kid, cost is also a major consideration for me, so I appreciate any show clothes that look neat and professional (even if its not the expensive fancy-pants styles.)

    As for why I deserve show clothes, I'll definitely need them when I join a college dressage team in the upcoming years. The college dressage team will let me learn how to show with confidence and poise, and I think that looking good in your show clothes has a lot to do with boosting confidence! Also with the amount I ride, breeches that are durable and comfortable are always welcome.

    Oh, and my little white pony would also like to add that she LOVES it when I wear nice white show clothes because it is gives her the perfect opportunity to affectionately rub her muddy face on me right after she rolls and blow green snot on me. Getting my white clothes all filthy is her art; I'm sure she'd love a new challenge!

    Anyway, I feel like I'm rambling now. I very much enjoy your blog!

  23. Wow, awesome contest. Big kudos to TuffRider for offering prizes. I'm normally a "quiet" reader, but free clothes are free clothes, so here goes:

    Hands down the most important thing I look for in show attire is comfort. I live in a cool coastal environment so at every show I find myself dripping sweat, so anything that's lightweight and breathable is at the top of my want list. However, on my budget, I consider myself lucky if I trot down centerline in attire that won't get me eliminated(or laughed out of the ring-just try going to a dressage show wearing a Charles Owen skullcap against DQ's on fancy WBs. It is auto good eventing karma, resulting in a winning 69% with a choppy strided pony). At the moment, comfort is something I can't really afford but I always find myself drooling over nice breeches such as the pair shown. I'm a high school student whose only income comes from grooming and I work off my lessons and lease by grooming, lunging, tacking up, cleaning tack, feeding, filling water buckets, assisting students, walking the trainer's dog, mucking stalls and doing anything that needs to be done at the barn. One reason I love your blog is because so many of the topics relate to things I see regularly and it is very interesting to note that I'm not the only one horrified by ruined brooms!

    Not coming from a wealthy family by any stretch, the items I do buy must be quality and last for half of forever. I have three pairs of breeches at the moment: 1 pair for daily riding(TuffRiders! They last!), 1 warm pair for winter riding and 1 tan pair of breeches for shows that I have owned for 4 years and that I only pretend fit so as not to upset my parents who already fork out a lot of money on gas to and from the barn. I would love to have a pair of white breeches and finally "look the part" in the dressage ring since I think white breeches are lovely and elegant for shows. I have learned that if I feel elegant(it's been known to happen once in a blue moon) I suddenly can sit up(something 8 years of being yelled at has not managed to fix) and suddenly my ride is so much smoother. I would love to trot down centerline feeling confident in my appearance and being able to focus on my test.

    Thank you Stacey and TuffRider for an awesome contest. Looking through these entries, I am sure whoever wins will certainly deserve it.

  24. The things I care most about my show attire are comfort and ease of cleaning, and they have to be classic in style. I'm not much for trends in color or fashion, I stick to clean and elegant and much as possible. If my show shirt looks good, keeps me cool during a hot Wisconsin summer, and the sweat stains wash out easily, then I'm blissfully content.

    I'm not sure I'm the most deserving, I'm not really the type of person to toot my own horn and such, but I'll explain my situation at least. I hope I don't sound too whiny.

    Money is tight. I'm a freelance photographer, but I'm looking for a second job right now because the money isn't exactly pouring in. Most of my funds go to caring for my herd: senior feed, wormer, vet care, shavings... I'm also in the middle of a divorce, and while my ex and I are on friendly terms, he has to pay for his own issues and has no money to spare to help out. So buying any show clothes, much less new ones, are completely out of the question.

    Many would say that I really don't need to show, and I would tend to agree with them in general. But if things go south, I want my young horses to have at least some show experience to maybe help save them from a bad situation. Most of my registration and show fees will come from my grocery money (I'm trying to lose weight anyway), but buying all new clothes would break the budget. I have breeches and a good show helmet, but I need a shirt, jacket and boots.

    Anyway, that's my sob story, With all that said, I hope that Net wins :)

  25. The most important element of show attire? It has to play tough and look good. There's no way you want the judge to know during your 3 pm test that you've been working hard in these since 5 am!

    Reasons I think I'm worthy. The last pair of breeches I bought were rust-coloured hunter breeches. In 1978! When I'm in the saddle these days, I'm in my chaps over jeans: functional enough if I'm schooling but impossible to manage in a show ring. (So I sit on the sidelines and watch, come show days. But maybe not forever: just until Eldest finishes university and med school or I win the lottery. Or win some show gear!)

    What a cool giveaway and thanks for the tip on the Tuffriders. I'm intrigued: if I can't justify new breeches yet for myself, we might be shopping for eldest as she's starting into Training Level competitions this year.

  26. What is the most important trait of show clothes? They must be comfortable!! Unless I'm comfortable and relaxed, I can't expect my horse to be! Also, they have to be machine washable and stain resistant is always a plus since my horses love to give me kisses on any clean spot they can find.

    Why am I most worthy recipient? Well... here's my story. About a year and a half ago, I purchased a Friesian sporthorse filly to train in dressage. But alas, I have all the grace of a baby elephant and instead, fell off and shattered my ankle on her 10th or so ride. I've since had three surgeries and spent more than 6 months sitting in a recliner. Fast Forward to now, it's been 14 months since my accident and I'm finally getting back to riding (of course, I sent little miss filly to be started by somebody without a broken leg). But now, I'm dealing with a lot of fear issues and anxiety. I also have a tendency to guard my bad leg and I don't trust myself as much as I should. I don't currently have any full seat breeches and I think the extra grippy on the seat will help me to feel more safe and secure in the saddle, which would then transfer to her of course. Also, my only show shirts are white, and it's hot hot hot here in the summer and jackets are normally waved (even at the rated shows), and nobody wants to see me in white on white on white! I'm sure the judges and spectators alike, would appreciate it if I would wear a shirt with a little color (also, see above about horsey kisses).

  27. Hey Stacey! I do love TuffRider. I hate it when I have show clothes that don't keep up with me, durability-wise. I am not a diva, but my husband is! :) My husband and my best friend both also have horses, and they are both active duty military, so I care for Charlie and Mac, as well as Bella (my mare). When we go to shows, I'm the one that packs the show trunk (pads, coolers, etc) and makes sure that the horses and tack are clean. I wear my show clothes all day, well past sunup to way past sundown. If I do get slobber on my clothes, I need to know that they aren't dead and relagated to "schooling breeches" forever. They need to be breathable and comfortable, there is nothing worse than chafing in "certain parts"...

    While my husband was gone last summer to the middle east for deployment, I lost 60 pounds! Since Christmas, I've lost an additional 10. I still have another 15-20 pounds to lose, but I am pretty proud of myself. I'm at 180 pounds now and my goal is 160 (I'm 5'11" and change). My show clothes were outdated and now they REALLY don't fit. My first big-girl show with Bella, since losing my weight is at Whidbey Equestrian Center (WEC), a HUGE dressage facility just down the road. It's the end of May. I'm really excited!

    On a side note- I'm really proud of you, Stacey. The progress you've made with Riley in such a short time is impressive! It shows true determination. Good job! :)

  28. The most important characteristics of show attire are comfort and durability. Comfy show clothes should fit, move with you, breath, and wash up like new! No pill-ball pants or yellow collars please.

    I am a worthy recipient, because my show clothes are from high school and my tenth reunion passed three years ago. Also, a month ago I tried to put on my high boots for a winter show and despite my wrestling, they refused to work onto my right calf and retaliated with a "pop": the stitching on the fabric hook gave way. I should get another point for still owning boots that require boot pulls!

    If I want to show, I must buy new boots and attire as I just can no longer tolerate my armpit-high waist and sandpaper-leather full-seat breeches and a dress shirt which chokes me. Boots are already a steep investment, so winning some clothes would be fabulous. Also, I purchased Tuff Rider winter riding pants last fall and they are so comfy and pretty!

  29. You know how horses slobber all over you? Yep. I know you do. I know every horse person does. As a fellow blogger, I like to post a Product of the day that is easy to clean, functional, and comfortable. Shouldnt show clothes have these qualities too? DUH! Thats why I love TuffRider. Because they have awesome stuff at affordable prices (and, lets be honest, those breeches are SO cute!!)

    Now, why am I a worthy recipent of such awesome show clothing? Because:
    A) I have to support all my horse activities myself, and as a 16 year old, it gets difficult! I dont have leftover money for show stuff.
    B) I love dressage. I love show clothes. I have a horse that I'm raining for dressage. I have no show clothes. :(
    C) Those breeches are the cutest breeches ive ever seen in my like to have them!
    D)I'll love you and TuffRider forever. :D

  30. I'd really like to win this contest;
    Winning could save me from arrest.
    The most important thing about my show clothes you see;
    Is to get clothes that completely cover me.
    Due to a small chocolate cake related incident (or three),
    Weight gain means nothing fits poor old me;
    I simply have not got a stitch to wear.
    If I don't win, I will have to show this season completely bare.
    Small children will cry, adults have nightmares for weeks.
    The show announcers voice will get drowned out in all the shrieks.
    My butt is large and my figure queen-size.
    I need enough fabric to cover my generous butt and thighs!
    So Tuff Rider's Kashmere Full Seats, going up to waist a thirty-four
    Are made for me and my figure galore.
    The Zoe Coolmax dressage shirt will stop me ending up a sweaty mess
    Instead of screeching "yuck", people will be shouting "oh wow, yes"
    The crowds will admire how I look the part
    Even if my actual dressage test ends up being less than prefect art.
    So pick me please, you can tell I am not a diva;
    and honestly you'd not like the alternative of me riding naked either....

  31. The most important trait for my show clothes are comfort and durability. First and foremost I appreciate when my show clothes are comfortable, meaning that they are not restricting, binding or not breathable. I ride my absolute best when I am confident and comfortable in the clothes I am wearing. And secondly, my show clothes must be durable. After spending over $200 on a reputable pair of white breeches and having the seat shred during a particularly hot day, I was extremely disappointed that I had worked hard to save my money and now had rags to show for it.

    And as a hard working adult amateur, I am forever finding ways to budget my horse's care, training and showing. As many horse owners do, I find myself cutting back on my own needs, so that my horse can have more. Winning a set of show clothes would be a real treat to myself that I may not normally be able to afford!

  32. yes! i'm showing this summer. check one.

    next, requirements: breathable for the sweat, stretchable enough to bend my elbows and squat to put on leg wraps, and comfortable (enough) to wear for the many, many hours at a show!

    finally, why me!? well, i'm a poor student #1 (you said financial counted!), and #2 i am trying to make horses my career (legally) and I need to be out at those shows promoting my work! and I need to look respectable in the process! in new show clothes!

    thanks for the chance!


  33. haha, props to "shadow rider" for the cleverness in such brevity. i was one of those pony clubbers she is talking about! :)

  34. Show clothes must...FIT! Anything in dazzling white on the lower part of our anatomy has to be complimentary. I'm the perfect candidate to win because I show lots of dressage schooling shows with no coat to conceal those breeches flaws!

  35. the most important thing about show clothes to me is looking professional. my team wears our hunt coats in extreme heat, casual schooling shows, and in the jumper ring. i take pride in professionalism.

    i am worthy of winning because i love horses. i love taking care of them, while some complain about mucking stalls, i dont because i like seeing healthy poops. thats just one example of my love, my love of healthy horse poops.

  36. Fist of all, thank you soo much for this wonderful oppurtunity!

    In my opinion, Show attire should be a form fit, however not so tight that the attire is hot and sweaty. In addition, lighter colors i think make the rider seem more happy and appealing, especiallly for the judges. Athough I am only 13, I have huge apirations to become a champion rider. but do to my family's economic conditiions I am not able to afford show attire. in addition, I have been volunteering at barns in order to be able to afford lessons. No matter what, I will one day be a great rider no matter what the costs. I feel that tuffrider show attire will help me get that next step in my showing endeavour.


  37. I <3 Tuffrider. I have riding tights by them that I have worn the snot out of for literally five years, and they are still good to go!

    I believe that show clothes should make you feel fabulous when you put them on. The mental edge that you get from knowing that you look the part is key--confidence wins it all.

    I am a first year medical student dealing with the cost of treatment for chronic Lyme. Due to the extremely expensive antibiotics I have to take to be functional, I have been turned down by insurance companies or socked with monthly premiums so staggeringly high that I would be better off simply paying for medicine out of pocket. While most horse people might cite the cost of training and board as their biggest cost, mine is without a doubt my medication.

    Winning this giveaway would be a fabulous opportunity for me, as I would love to show my schoolmaster at the VA Horse Park, but have a hard time justifying the outlay for clothes when I may only be able to go once or twice this season because of medical school and my illness. Given my experience with the Tuffrider clothing line's longevity, I know these clothes would be used long after my schoolmaster retires.

    On a personal note, I have dealt with a seizure, episodic vertigo, and balance issues from Lyme that have served to completely deconstruct my ability to ride. With the physical limitations imposed by this disease, I am merely hoping to be able to ride a passable First Level Test, a far cry from my pre-Lyme capabilities. Winning a special set of show clothes like this would highlight the reality of being able to ride again, and help me deal with the confidence (and self esteem!) issues that come with having to re-learn the technique and poise that I once took for granted.

  38. Show shirts are pretty easy - they must be moisture wicking and have some elastic stretch so they can fit well but not be restrictive. Pet peeve - too big of a neck and sleeves that are too short!

    Breeches - really just one major hurdle, "Umm can you see my cellulite in these?" If they pass this test, they're keepers! We don't want my dimples distracting from my horse's stunning dapples.

    Why am I deserving? Long arms and legs, skinny neck, and badonkadonk bootie. I'm built like Ichabod Crane with a J-lo ass! Come on, I need as much help as I can get looking good in the saddle.If Tuffrider can make me show ready, they can make anyone look great! I'd be a true testiment to great design!

  39. To me, the most important feature that my show clothes must have is comfort. If it isn't comfortable, whats the point of spending all day in it? Also I can only afford to buy pieces that are timeless and classic, so that they don't go out of style and leave me looking like a nerd.

    I can't say I deserve this any more than anyone else on here that commented, but as an adult amateur with limited means, I've never had the opportunity to show. This is the year I hope to change that.

    Also, I've lost 85 pounds over the last year. I cannot believe how much it has improved my riding. I'm so much stronger, and fitter and happier than I was before, and I'm sure my horse is happier too! But the only downside to becoming smaller, is that nothing I own fits me anymore! I've been riding in cheap stretchy pants from Walmart, how I would love a little more security from some lovely full seat breeches!

  40. I thin the most important traits in show attire are to stay CLEAN!! I have one of those lap horses, you know, the kind that thinks they are a 3 lb chihahua and he loves to be all over my show clothes. In fact he's ruined most of them, THUS, the reason I am entering this contest. Slobber stains on the collar of my show shirt, the dry cleaner laughed at me, said no way are those coming out. Slobber stains on my white show breeches, you should have see the look he gave me " yeah right" it said! I am in desperate need of some new show clothes to get me through this season. Just one set! I promise, I'll wear sweats and full turtlenecks over them until I go in the show ring!!!

  41. What I look for in show attire is the ability to stay CLEAN! You see I have one of those lap horses who thinks he's a 3 lb chiuahua! In fact, that's the reason I'm entering. My lap horse has ruined just about all my show clothes. Shirt collar has skinner stains. Dry cleaner laughed when I brought it to him. White show breeches brought to dry cleaner with muddy slobber stain, dry cleaner gave me that yeah right look. I really need some new show clothes, just one pair! I promise, this time ill wear cover UPS until I go in my class! Thanks for having such a great contest.

  42. What I look for in show attire is the ability to stay CLEAN! You see I have one of those lap horses who thinks he's a 3 lb chiuahua! In fact, that's the reason I'm entering. My lap horse has ruined just about all my show clothes. Shirt collar has skinner stains. Dry cleaner laughed when I brought it to him. White show breeches brought to dry cleaner with muddy slobber stain, dry cleaner gave me that yeah right look. I really need some new show clothes, just one pair! I promise, this time ill wear cover UPS until I go in my class! Thanks for having such a great contest.

  43. As a reward to myself for getting two children raised, through college and out into the world, I bought a new horse. This will be our first show season, as I look through the boxes of hand me ups my kids have left me I see a few very important aspects that I will be looking for in new show attire, affordability of course, but I think first and foremost will be quality and fit. Proper fit and good quality will mean my items will not land in the reject box. Right there will save me money. There is just something about the way you feel about yourself, when you wear and item of clothing that fits well and feels well. You sit a tad taller, you move with better confidence, you feel an inner pride that shines. I’m going to need all that since I have never been in the show ring, just the mom on the rail. My mare bought me a pair of Tuffrider full seat breeches for schooling in black and the EC Valencia jacket for Christmas and I feel the quality and fit are topline!!! Cheryl

  44. Most important aspect of show clothes….
    1. The shirt must look presentable when I take the coat off after my last class and then proceed to wander around the show grounds helping my teammates, or looking at the vendors. I really hate armpit sweat stains, and shirts that aren’t tailored to look nice. Yes, the majority of the time they go under a jacket – but the best advertisement that can happen is a person wearing a show shirt that looks fabulous, even though you know they just rode 2 tests.
    2. Breeches that are machine washable. I’m more than happy to line dry, but the last thing I want to do as I wait until the last minute to ready my show clothes, is try and pick up a pair of breeches from the dry cleaners!

    Why I deserve the win! :)

    My main focus is endurance riding, yet I do regular dressage to improve our performance on the trail. I have fallen in LOVE with dressage over the last 2 years and have taken my arab to a few recognized dressage shows. Unfortunately, with a non-traditional horse, it can be a bit challenging, depending on the judge, to break the longed-for 60%. I’ve gotten some tough breaks and though I’m not complaining (sometimes that’s just the way it goes in showing), my last dressage show was extremely disappointing as once again I missed my 60% mark after a lot of hard work and dollars spent. I was very discouraged, and although I tried to stay positive, the tears were definitely there. I don’t go to a lot of shows and while I’m know I’m lucky to be able to afford to compete at all, I definitely pinch pennies to do what I love.

    I have one more short at breaking a 60%. In late February, my horse went lame at 92 miles into a 100 mile ride. It’s over for endurance, dressage, or any serious riding until the end of the summer and for the foreseeable future because I’m quitting my job in a couple of months to go back to school this fall (vet school – should know the admissions decision any day) and by the time she’s sound, I will no longer have the time or $$ to show, take lessons, or do anything more than a hack around the pasture. For the next 3 months, my trainer is letting me take lessons on one of her horses, and I hope to show one last time in June or July at a recognized show, and finally get my 60% - although it will be bittersweet since it’s not on my own horse and it’s by no means assured that I will get it – even with a fabulous horse.

    Obviously with a lame horse vet bills, impending school, the loss of my income in a couple of months, and trying to continue to take lessons to prepare for the show – not to mention the fees of the show itself – money is extremely tight. It would be so nice, and huge confidence booster to enter the show ring in early summer in show clothes that make me feel fabulous (which my current show clothes do NOT), and possibly make that difference of achieving that 60.

  45. Well, I am a first time owner of a horse (finally at 33) that I saved and saved to buy. He went to his first show last week with my trainer. She is a 20 year vetran shower and my horse has never shown so I thought her confidence and his insecurity would match well together. They both did amazing! His first class (TL1) he got a 59% and his second class (TL2) he got a 65% for 3rd place. Him doing so well has given me the confidence to take him to his (and my) second show ever. I think the most important traits in show attire is comfort so I don't have to fuss so I can keep focused so I can help my horse do his best job. I have a pair of TuffRider breeches and they really are wonderful, I wore them for my 1st ride on my horse after he was "oficially" mine. It meant alot to focus on him and not have a worry about my wardrobe. We are a team and look forward to a successfull first show together.

  46. Jackie - jisparent@yahoo.comMarch 19, 2011 at 10:03 PM

    The most important traits of showing/riding attire are comfort and fit. I'm not the skinniest rider on earth, but I know a good pair of breeches can make all the difference between looking unkempt and amateur versus tidy and professional. Comfort is a big thing as well, because like most other riders, I not only ride, but must spend the rest of my time cleaning stalls and feeding horses. Teflon coating always helps, because hey, I don't really have time to change before I get on that horse and into the show ring. Cool, breathable cloth is a must for riding though - where I live at the moment and compete (usually in South East Asia - where the show season is also the hot season), you are required to wear a jacket and are pretty much expected not to notice. Discomfort can lose you a show because you can't ride well enough when you're thinking about how your breeches' zipper came down! (This actually happened to a friend of mine…it wasn’t cool.)

    I haven't been riding in a show in 2 years, and in a couple of months I plan to make my comeback. Before, I competed mostly in single day in-house shows, so I only really needed one pair of whities, but now I'm planning riding in bigger, longer shows - and another pair would save my old whities from shriveling up in the washing machine. Ya know, if I can even fit them anymore. Secondly, I don’t think I’ve been to a real tack shop in 5 years – the kind of place that has every possible horsey thing a rider could need; in Asia, every country has maybe one or two tack shops each, and none ever have the kind of quality, well fitting breeches that I look for. A pair of *American* TuffRiders would be a godsend to my equestrian closet! :D

  47. 1. Show attire should be sportswear. I’m a runner, so I’m used to working out in technical wicking fabrics and clothes that move with me. Too often, show attire I’ve worn has been hot, stiff, and uncomfortable—hardly the type of clothes one should wear when engaged in a sport! Finally, they should be long-lasting and able to take a beating. Horses and horseshows are unpredictable, and you never know when you might hit the dirt (or take a swim, like the last time I fell in a water element XC!) For that reason (no joke!) I only ride in TuffRider’s ribbed pull-on schooling breeches. They really are most “sporty” of all the breeches I’ve tried. And I’ve even going running in them in a pinch! Any pair of breech that holds its shape (no drooping crotch—yeah!) after being run in for 5 miles is certainly worthy of being called sportswear.

    2. I don’t think I’m any more worthy of these clothes than anyone else, but here goes. I’m a very unpractical person, having gotten an MFA in Poetry (not a jobs in that!) and owning my first horse for 15 years, rerouting grad school etc around his needs. While I realize that owning horses/trying to be a writer is a very tough combo, I feel dressage has helped me as both a writer and a teacher of writing. The precision and systematic training process helps me plan courses for my students, while the “art” of dressage is a help to my own creative writing. I think I’m a worthy recipiant because I’ve integrated horses into my “other life” in a productive way—but $$ is sadly not part of that productivity!

  48. while wearing your jodhpur baggy trousers. They can be worn with T-shirts, hunting shirts , as shown in picture, short shirts, Jodhpuri coat or Nehru jacket


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