Friday, March 4, 2011

GGT: German Geotextile Footing

I think this was in the Hassler Dressage footing. It did look a little odd -- like cotton candy tossed with arena footing. But the footing sure felt nice. This video shows how you apply it to a ring. If you bought it, hope you have a team of helpers and some pretty hefty equipment!


  1. The footing in the dressage rings at the Hoosier Horse Park has what looks like shredded pieces of white felt...little strips and triangles...mixed with the sandy gravel mix. It makes great sense, holds water, keeps down dust and releases the water back over time. Also soft, keeps sand from packing. Don't know the story behind it...

  2. Very interesting stuff. I'd say you'd need a huge team of helpers, considering all the hand work needed.

    If I could afford something like that, I hope I'd be able to hire a company to install it for me. Then I'd just go off, put my feet up and have a nice glass of ice tea, take in a movie, and then go ride. *G*

  3. Looks like at least one US distributor (Perfect Footing?) sells it already mixed with sand. There are various grades for different needs. No prices, though. I'm guessing expensive.....

  4. Add it to my ever-growing wish-list, along with the barn and arena.


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