Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Cake: Harv's folk primitive year

Half sheet cake for Harv!

This may be my favorite cake ever, and what a happy accident! I had planned an elaborate, gold-flake carrot cake from an artisan bakery. But then another boarder brought a carrot cake for her mare's birthday last week. I ate it all weekend, till I was tired of carrot cake (albeit temporarily). Others probably were too. The artisan shop offered a few other flavors but not anything to Harv's liking.

Thursday morning at 10am I realized I needed to act, so I called Connie's Cakes (she did Harv's 20th birthday cake). Her cake portfolio included some horse-themed cakes and I asked her to whip something up for a bay horse and a red barn. Friday afternoon it was ready.
Love the 3-D effect
Almost a quarter century!
I appreciate that Connie even agreed to do this on short notice, and I think the result is charming--like a folk primitive, don't you think? I just love the grass tufts, the clouds, and the little road. I'm not sure you can tell here, but this cake has very unfolkish sparkles :-).  Connie probably envisioned a child's birthday party as she was working.

When I talk to non-horse people, they sometimes ask me "how long does a horse live?" It's an uncomfortable question, both because I don't really know the answer, and because I don't like to think about it. Recently it occurred to me that the only response to that question is, "Every day is a gift." The average lifespan of a horse doesn't matter. Too much can happen. Every day is a gift that Harv gives.


  1. Beautiful cake and I love your last line in the post. Harv is lucky to have you in his life! Happy birthday Harv!!

  2. Awww...Happy Birthday, Harvey! Love the cake, love the attitude that every day is a gift-- we all know this to be true! I took my 25 year old Celby on his first hunter pace last year because we thought it might be his last chance to do so. Now it looks like he's planning on doing one monthly this year, so you do just never know!

    My hubby laughed at Harvey's name when I showed him the cake-- he said Harvey should meet my Sherman (also a bay) and the two of them could enjoy one another's company as two great horses saddled with old man names!

    Many happy returns to you and Harv!

  3. The cake is adorable, especially those puffy clouds and that happy Harvey face. I love it!

    Glad you enjoyed another wonderful birthday celebration with Harvey. He's a marvel!

  4. Many happy returns Harvey! Your cake looks yummy :)

  5. That is adorable!! Did Harvey eat any?

    Happy Birthday, Harv! May each day bring new joy to your hoofies and sweet carrots to your teeth. Hope the rest of your anatomy finds something to make it happy too!

  6. Happy Birthday Harvey, hope that you have many more wonderful years. My old man will be 30 in June and everyday is a gift that I thank the Gods for every time I get slimed and slobbered on.

  7. What a fun cake (and carrot too? Yum!) Happy birthday to your boy, and you couldn't be more right in the perspective that every day is a gift. I look at it that way for people, too :o)

  8. Many happy returns, Harvey! The cake is adorable.

  9. That's lovely...we pulled up at the stables the other day and there were balloons tied up. I said 'somebody's having a pony party' and my eight year old son said 'mayb its one of the horses birthdays'. Sad thing that we never celebrate them, made me think to ask....the owners will probably laugh me off the yard though!

  10. Aww what an amazing cake! You have a good cake maker there. :) Happy birthday Harvey! Oh and I like your answer for the age question. :)

  11. very cute cake - particularly that 3-d tail. My daughters made special meals for our silly aussie pup (2 on Sat) so go go go horse and pup parties.


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