Sunday, March 6, 2011

Harv's logo: Survey says...

For shirts
For the Web

Well, there wasn't a clear winner, and in fact each image got an equal amount of likes/dislikes. At least as many of you like the original Harv "classic" the best, so I'll keep that one on the blog. The "Andy Warhol
 foursquare idea is genius. I'm mulling it over. 

I have become a bit partial to these two, and both were fairly well liked by y'all.

So, I'll be using one for the Web and one for shirts that I hope to use as giveaways. Here's the prototype. Would you wear this? Be honest! If it were a giveaway, would you care?

 Also I may try the foursquare with just one of these in different colors. 
Thanks All!


  1. Looks good on that shirt. I'd wear it.

    I do the the original Harv the best, as noted before. It suits the blog. For more "arsty" stuff theses two a pretty good. Maybe they are less "Harv" and more generic horse??

  2. I don't usually wear shirt with pictures or words on them, so I probably wouldn't buy it, but if it were a giveaway I'd definitely wear it as my comfy clothes around the house (I'm actually wearing a wolf one right now). :) I do like the color you chose. It looks good. I'm glad you kept the original for the blog. I like the idea of the four square too.

  3. i like the idea of the 4 squares...
    or 4 corners of the pic, 1 in each finish.
    I would SO want one.

  4. I like it. It is the one I chose.

  5. I like them all and would definitely wear one on a t-shirt.

  6. If you would send me the photo in high resolution, I would be happy to work up the foursquare idea as I see it for you. I am a graphic designer also and think I could make one you like.

  7. I'd wear it in a skinny-minute (whatever that is!) - love the idea of the four-square image.

  8. Totally would wear it! I talk about your blog every day I am at the barn:) If you plan on doing the Andy Warhol 4square...I DEFINATELY want one of those:) Glad you like that idea:)

  9. Of course I would wear it - I am partial to purple, pink and cute dressagy horsey heads! Of course I also like any wildly bright color and all things equine. So, maybe I am not your normal person? You think?

  10. Totally wear it! Happy Birthday to Harv. He looks amazing, especially considering your winter. Does not look 24!

  11. i would wear ether one
    the original harv looks amazing and the pink sketched one looks artsy and crafty. love them bothe


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