Friday, May 6, 2011

The Sunken Road and Land Rover Hollow at Rolex

 This year the Sunken Road had some water in the base -- about two feet of water the Wednesday before, but by Saturday only about six inches -- still, enough to look at if you're a horse jumping into it. The brush fence after the jump out is only one stride away, but few horses had problems there. The Land Rover Hollow was made easier than the Hollow's configuration used at WEG because the obstacle at the top was moved further back, giving more time to position the horse at it.

Here are two horses negotiating these fences...

Clayton Frederick and Be My Guest, Land Rover Hollow

Lainey Ashker and Anthony Patch, Sunken Road


  1. When they are well ridden, the fences look easy. I know they are not, by any means, but it proves they can be negotiated safely and with style.

  2. The second horse gave that water a bit of a "look."

    Still, I have to much admire the skill and talent of every one of those horse/rider teams that dare to tackle those challenging fences.

  3. The first video I saw was at the Hollow, not the coffin. Good rides on both, anyway!

  4. When I watched cross country on USEF network, they always commented on how the horses handled the water there. I loved listening to the comments the down under riders.


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