Thursday, May 5, 2011

Decisive Moment: Story stolen from Fanfreakintastic

I have stolen part of a Derby post from Fanfreakingtastic (Part 2, Kentucky Derby 2011 Guide). Part 1 of her Derby Guide is wonderful too. Fanfreakingtastic writes posts about the Derby horses and owners and trainers and riders from a human interest angle--I look forward to her Derby rundown every year.

Decisive Moment is a lot like Comma, he’s built for shorter distances. But he is another horse with a lot of try, tons of heart, and a horse who picks up checks. In the Jean Lafitte Stakes at Delta Downs he pulled off a pretty amazing win, having led throughout, then was passed in the stretch, then surged back to take the victory. That is a very rare thing for a horse to do. Plus, he has been training really well at Churchill Downs. And, imo, he has fairy tale black stallion looks, which never hurts. In entertaining news, his trainer Juan Arias, exercises the horse himself. WHILST SMOKING. Who does that? Juan Arias, that’s who.
Decisive Moment. Note cigarette.

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  1. I have no idea which horse to root for this year. I do like a character, though, and this guy seems to have it.

    Guess we'll know by Saturday evening.


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