Sunday, May 8, 2011

More Thoroughbreds: Snip and Subway

RK3DE - Joe Meyer & Snip by Dahemody
 Joe Meyer and Snip, photo by Dahemody on Flickr.
Snip and Joe: Age and experience!
 Snip is a 15.3H 19-year-old thoroughbred still kicking butt at Rolex and finishing in 11th place -- top New Zealand horse. Rider is Olympic competitor Joe Meyer, now based at Churchill Stud in the UK.

This pair got rousing cheers every time they entered the ring, and deservedly so. What a good egg Snip is, and what great shape he is in! I love that he has a round tuckus and is in great weight and condition. I have to say that the body weight of some of the horses alarmed me a little. A few were just frighteningly thin.

Show jumping

Cross Country

Subway and Oliva: Youth and enthusiasm
And skill, too. Olivia is one of the youngest competitors at Rolex, a 22-year-old "A" rated pony-clubber from California. Jimmy Wofford gave her a positive writeup but happily underestimated her performance at Rolex.

What I love about this footage (I didn't take it) is that it captures the moments before she enters the ring--Bob spent last year perched over the chute where they enter because he loved watching their anticipation--and it also captures the moments after the last fence, which could bring a tear to your eye.


  1. Good heavens, Olivia is only three years older than Snip! Not sure what that means, but just think how amazing she will be when she's been at it as long as he has!

    I am in total agreement...TB's are very special horses.

  2. Love the video! But do you consider this horse to be one of the borderline too skinny horses...he sure looked thin to me. It may just be his super thin neck though...

  3. Hi Regina, I have a "hunters eye" for horse fatness -- like to see some heft. Eventing horses are a difficult adjustment for me. Snip looks good to me, Subway, racing fit, but there are some not pictured here that I think are borderline. I tend to look at the topline and haunch area, but the necks are an indication too. Braiding never seems to make a thoroughbred look better. Even Harv has an unattractive neck when braided...

  4. Whooo... I just LOVE that Snip! Too cute and what a happy, happy horse. I've never heard of Joe Meyer before but he is going to be one of my faves now. Anybody who rides a TB is cool anyway, but keeping a horse that old in such awesome shape and loving his job is not an easy feat; I call him a Good Guy!


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