Monday, May 9, 2011

Rolex Redux: Naughty Sir Donovan in action

I found no video for Katie's ill-fated dressage ride (described in a former post), but a wonderful equine photographer, Christina Dale, captured  some pictures from the ride.  Take a look at her eventing photos --they are just gorgeous -- at Phyxius Photos. She's in Maryland and I'm hoping she might be coaxed up to eastern PA for some of our recognized shows. Anyway, here are the photos...

Katie (aka Yellow Rose Eventing) herself posted a comment on COTH  in response to a long, long thread about this test, and her post proves she is a total class act. Here is her post (#162!) from the thread...
shucks y'all... 9 pages and 22k views all for me and moose?

No time to brood, donald is entered at Jersey and we have to get to work

Yes he is a horse with an interesting personality, jekyll and hyde-esque, but always tries his big orange heart out for me on cross country so I will keep trying mine out for him too. As I sat on a 45min xc hold at Red Hills this year, restarted only to be held again, I kept thinking.. there is no other horse I'd rather be sitting on at this moment.. I know he will instantly go safely back to work out there. I will keep trying to find out what works best for him in dressage. He is a young horse and I am a young human and we will chip away at this together. We spent the winter in a wonderful program and bar this incident had great results. Unfortunately the only time he put a foot wrong this winter/spring was on the centerline at Kentucky!! Ey yey yey


  1. Love her! You are right, she is a total class act and I am glad to see she isn't placing blame on the horse!!

  2. I agree, Katie is a class act. Wishing her well here at Jersey Fresh. Maybe I can get there to root for her. I'll check on her times to see when she's riding.

    If she hasn't considered it, a dose of ulcer meds might be a worthwhile test. My boy used to blow his mind at shows only....

  3. !*$&@!) Just wrote a huge Comment and it's GONE... arrrrrrgggghhhhh!

    Short version -
    Read COTH thread, about 5 pages. Had to see video.

    I found it:
    Rolex website
    Click on USEF video icon
    See archived vids to the right
    Scroll down to "Rolex Kentucky 4-18-11 Afternoon"
    Katie rides at 5:00 on the dot

    I am NOT a dressage rider so I can't evaluate what happened (some commentators on COTH had things to say about her hands, legs, etc.) re: Katie. I could see how crooked Donald was coming down center line, and in retrospect, think he even looked nappy in the warm-up canter. But I dunno... Will be curious to get your and other dressage peeps opinions.

    HOWEVER, yes, Katie handled herself well that day and on COTH. She must have been horrified to see what some ppl posted, but responded graciously.

  4. Thanks for the instructions! Watching now.


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