Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Katie and SD video, thanks to Riderwriter!

Thanks to Riderwriter for tracking this down! Footage worth seeing. To see the actual video go to the RK3DE.COM, go to the videos USEF network link (lower left), and scroll down the column on the right hand side. Find the Thursday April 28th afternoon footage, Katie is the first ride (after all of the commercials). Here is a poor but viewable reproduction...


  1. Wow, that was so reminiscent of my horse at our first rated dressage show.

    Stressed about the environment, super tight through the back, started going sideways and upward instead of forward. He was bad in warmup, too, and the stewards were watching to ensure we weren't out of control. Fortunately, brakes and steering still worked, just the steering was with lateral work instead of straight forward work. I only managed to get in the ring after the judge rang his bell because the judge gave me more than the 45 seconds. I feel for Katie, because the fact I had that chance to get him to go meant he was better each ride - whereas getting run out meant she was just done.

    I do agree that Katie handled the criticism with class on COTH, and don't see the critiques people made as true from that video AT ALL.

  2. You're welcome! :-) I wound up watching some other rides in the dressage phase and was just fascinated. The voice-over comments really helped me to understand what was going on, and Alison Springer did so well going first that I had a good mark to compare to. I must say, though, if those were "medium trots" I hate to think of what a fast one would look like - seemed to me most of them were FLYING! (But yes, I do know the difference between regular fast trot and extended. In fact, I was surprised at the lack of extension shown by some horses.)

    I'm going back on there today to find Tiana Coudray's ride, since I know she was in front after dressage (plus I luuuuve her purty grey horsie :-).

    I hope Katie and Donald work through their differences and make it to Rolex again next year.

  3. How awful. I saw a couple of stills of this ride, but they don't show that he just said NO. How frustrating, but when a horse really says no there isn't much you can do. Did they ever figure out what set him off or was it just tension and the atmosphere?

  4. Been there....done that....unfortunately. Too bad it happened at a big venue like Rolex. I never had that much at stake when one of my horses went haywire.

    Fact is, horses are living, breathing, sentient beings and sometimes they just don't perform up to par. Could be anything bothering him that day. I am sure Katie will sort out. She is obviously a talented, feeling rider. My hat's off to her and I send good wishes for next time.


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