Thursday, May 12, 2011

Going public with Riley: First Clinic, May 13-15

Fred and Ginger
Fred and Ethyl

I signed up for two sessions with  Felicitas Von Neumann, one for me, one for my trainer Olivia. The clinic is this weekend, May 13-15.

As I contemplate riding in front of others, and in front of Felicitas, and as I think about the worst possible thing to think about:  Riley & Olivia's session vs.  Riley's and my session, and how the two will compare.

Dammit.   Olivia and Riley are Fred and Ginger all over again. Riley and I? More like Fred and Ethyl.

The kicker is, Olivia appears to be doing NOTHING. Not a damn thing. Just sits there, and yet Riley dances. And me, I'm pushing and shoving and kicking and sweating while Riley meanders around. If he finds me vaguely annoying, he's patient. He knows I'll wear out soon.

Oh, and a Birthday Boy!
Oh, and Riley turns five on May 17. His birthday will not rate a lot of Hoopla, not like Harvey gets, because Riley, wonderful as he is, does not yet have Harv's track record. He'll get treats, but carrot cake? No, he has not earned it quite yet.


  1. But Fred and Ethel had a long, settled relationship...the kind you have with Harv. In the end, true love--instead of "screen romance"--will pay off, I think.

    Don't put yourself down. You are going to have a super ride and learn a lot!! Quite an exciting adventure ahead.

    Happy Birthdy, Riley. I hope he at least gets a carrot even if it is minus the cake!

  2. This post makes me smile. The best riders make it look easy. I rode a friends western pleasure horse once and realized that you can get a workout you would not imagine just watching from the rail.

  3. Ha! We might have been clinic-ing at the same time. I just had my first clinic with my 4 year old today (5/14)(with Bruce Mandeville, Canadian eventer/olympian). The chaos is chronicled at my blog. Have fun--its a (nerve-wracking/fun/intimidating/inspiring) milestone, to be sure!


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