Friday, May 13, 2011

Red Horse Hoof Stuff

So I used the Hoof Putty for the shallow crevice in Riley's toe -- it's perfect because it really is like mud -- it dries and stays put for a reasonable length of time. For deeper crevices there is Hoof Stuff -- same ingredients infused in a fibrous material that can be inserted into deeper crevices, such as between heel bulbs. Here you see me using it on Riley.


  1. **Psst, Stacey - your video's private.** //end whisper

    -Net, once again forcibly logged out by my computer

  2. I wonder if that stuff would stay on the crumbly parts of my horses hoof wall. He's always getting these little cracks and stuff. I posted a whole piece on my horses today that you might enjoy. I don't normally leave people links.

  3. I like your style on these videos. I feel like I am at the barn with you and Bob. And he is a really good guy for playing videographer in 30/40 degree weather!

    I know that you have said many times that barefoot is not for Riley, so I will ever so gently comment that the crevice and heels can be remedied. ;)

  4. Where can I order this product? Is it available in the US?

    We have been battling thrush in the crevice of Riva's heel bulb (this is her club foot) for over a month now. She has not been 100% sound since our farrier diagnosed. Now, we see that it abcessed!

    Would really be interested in ordering this product to keep that crevice healthy.

    Thank you!

  5. I want to know where you can get it Stateside, too. The manufacturer lists the U.S. stockists as "coming soon." I, too, have a horse with a deep sulcus cleft that's prone to thrush. She's barefoot, too. I flush it with a syringe to clean it out, but it would be nice to be able to put something in there to medicate and fill the gap.


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