Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Another T-shirt

 This is a spin-off from a slogan that has been going around on Facebook. It appeared on my FB at the perfect time, as Bob and I had been bickering.  The petite argument was over some coupons that he had thrown away because "you will never use them." 

Well, of course I will use them, and they were nowhere near expired, and what harm are they doing under a magnet on the fridge? Harv was making me happy yesterday; Bob, not so much.

Available at my site for about $15. Enjoy!


  1. What's your spreadshit URL again? I wanted to check out color options on this one, because I love it!

  2. Great shirt. Sums up the horsewoman's perspective perfectly!!

  3. Not just another t- shirt... it's THE t- shirt!
    Off to order a large quantity in a variety of colors and sizes....

  4. I need 5 of those. One to wear Monday thru Friday to my office.

  5. Um, I can't seem to find them on the Spreadshirt site. Can you help me out?

  6. Try this!


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