Thursday, June 2, 2011

Riley deranged?

Riley's stall is adjacent to a set of cross ties, and when boarders tie their horses there they usually shut Riley's dutch door to keep him from pestering the tied horse. Riley is tall enough to peer over the partition, though, and he likes to taunt and bug them from there. He wears a miracle collar these days, so there's a strip of sheepskin across his forehead. Another boarder told me, "He looks like a  deranged aerobics instructor."   

And I think she's right....


  1. Go for the burn, Riley! I think it's a fun look for him.

    Oscar is very social with everyone who comes close to his stall. He is interested in the other horses a little bit but doesn't exert himself to bug them. It's the people he wants! He'll also claim any dandy brushes or paper cups the unwary visitor might perch on the lip of his stall door. . . .

  2. ♫ Let's get animal, animal
    I wanna get animal
    Let's get into animal
    Let me hear your body talk
    Let me hear your body talk ♫

  3. All he needs is the pink spandex.....

    Horses with personality do seem to be nudges....*S*

  4. LOL at what you said AND the Comments! :D


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