Sunday, June 5, 2011

The naming of things; Help Ecolicious Equestrian and win a whitener

This is not my contest, and in fact I've entered it myself! Check out the ecolicious equestrian blog  or the Contest Announcement for details about naming their new coat whitener, as well as seeing first-hand how the whitener works. If you enter, add your   name to the comments!

Oh, and Riley does not really need a whitener. I don't have any friends with grays. If I happen to win the whitener, could anyone use it? Leave a comment describing your horse's color. I'll pick a random whitener winner, but only IF I win. I happen to love the name I selected: Natural Light.


  1. If you win, I'll take it! I have a Gypsy Vanner - she's about 60% white with a giant white tail and white feathery legs. Not easy to keep white :) Love your name too.

  2. Names I entered:
    So Bright So White
    Mighty Bright
    Shine so Fine
    Grime Out
    Clean Course
    Clean Ride

    Quinny has those 4 white stockings so we'd definatly appreciate the whitening power if you don't need it and win :-D

  3. I could definitely use the whitener for our black & white (tovero) Paint gelding. He's much cleaner than any other white horse I've known, but when you live on pasture 24/7, you're bound to get grass stains (and worse!). Love the name!

  4. I got a light grey horse (almost white). I would love to try this stuff on her tail! Entered the contest as well.

  5. I'd definitely use something like this! Here's a picture of my farm's new mini:

    He's a palomino paint. *Supposed* to be mostly white. Key word is supposed. We bought him at an auction (dept of ag) after he was seized from a severe neglect/abuse case. Since he was rescued, he's had his feet done, been fattened up, had his lice issue taken care of, and has been absolutely loved.

    Love the name "Natural Light" -- very fitting! I'd enter the contest myself if I thought I could beat that name.

  6. I have a fleabitten pee/mud/dirt/manure coloured horse. I found whitener shampoo works well on most colours. It rinses out quicker than other shampoo.

  7. Our painted pony, Apache Moon, aka the "Little Man" could use it for his tangerine tail (thanks to our red clay soil!!)...

    you can see him on my photo page on FB... :)

    love your name choice!

  8. I have an all white horse. Well, most of the time. :) Whitening shampoo would sure help with keeping her white and clean.

  9. I submitted:
    "Whitening Zest"
    "Natural Hue"
    "Pale Horse Whitener"
    "Clear Cleanser Eco Soap"
    "Achromatic Equine Cleaner"
    "Nature's Whitewash"
    "Go White! Shampoo"

    My Cleo has two socks and two stockings, very cute, and very dirty with all the mud we had. :P

  10. Great idea for a contest - I entered too - thanks for sharing! We have one gray (beige? ;o) gal who could definitely use some of this stuff on her tail - eek.

  11. I'd love to win the bottle of shampoo whitener! I have a black stallion with four white socks and white down his face. That extra 'zazzle' of sharp clean white would be striking!
    Now if it would stop raining!

  12. Having a cremello, I could definitely use the product if you won! My suggestions were:
    Brighter Whiter
    Go Bright
    Bright and White

  13. Liz, you have your work cut out for you, I'd be tempted to run him through a car wash! ;D

  14. Natural Light is a great name. I didn't come up with anything nearly as clever. I could really use whitener though! My black and white pinto filly came back from training looking like a grown mare with a lovely, thick, flowing, BROWN tail (she gives the "before" pictures a run for their money). Even after several washes, the stains won't come out. Not sure what I'm going to do to prepare her for potential buyers - I think I may resort to old school bluing!


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