Saturday, June 4, 2011

Totilas babies

Totilas baby in Netherlands (see mom's pedigree)

Elitemare Bicara (Sorento x Sandro Hit) came out of
Sicara (Florestan x Romancier)

 PFERD24 GmbH - 2011 Totilas foals

Totilas X DeNiro X Romancier

Paardenfoto Archief - Arnd Bronkhorst Fotografie - Foto's van Totilas Foal


  1. Wow! The neck on the baby in that top photo is exquisite. Her? whole little body is just perfect. You must be over the moon happy.

  2. So what do you think? That first one looks mighty nice to me - talk about a good shoulder! Seems like classy heads, necks and throatlatches as well. But I'm no expert at evaluating foals.

  3. The first one is the first conformation shot I've seen of a Totilas baby and loved. I'm one of those who can clearly see that Totilas is amazing, but he's not the kind of horse I look at and want, because he's not the kind of horse on whom I do well. I think the first one looks more Voltaire-ish, except he got his pretty from Dad. n (This said by someone whose opinion on breeding and bloodlines is less than worthless, lest anyone reading think I really know what I'm talking about!)

  4. Only time will tell.

    Trouble with me is, I love all foals....*G*

  5. Injaynesworld, not my foal :-) but lovely,right?

    RiderWriter I like the first one very, very much--shoulder, hindquarter, legginess, delicate head, neck is maybe a little short but on babies? I don't know.

    Photos of babies are so hard, this is a picture taken at just the right moment. Standing at a little less attention this foal might not look quite as stunning, but all the right stuff is there.

    Totilas is gorgeous but he is not especially the "type" of horse I like, I'm much more a fan of Paragon, and the lightness and fluidity he brings to the table. Totilas is all about power.

    I'm not sure what you can tell about babies, esp babies with good breeding on both sides. They're unlikely to be loser kids, but whether they're a chip off the block is anyone's guess.

  6. Oh Jean, you nailed it. The one thing about Riley that carried straight through to adulthood is his expression (facial) and personality. He's been sweet all along.


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