Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Harv retires, I just get older...

In January of 2012 I'm going to turn 50. No big deal, really, I'm healthy and in decent shape, and grateful for all I have. I do find it hard to make the mental adjustment to my self-image. I don't feel old at all, but I'm not young chronologically. Certain things my mother told me about aging are percolating in my brain.  In my mom's world, women over forty should not...
  • wear long hair (No problem there).
  • wear sleeveless. Oops. My entire summer wardrobe is sleeveless.
  • try to keep their natural hair color (go lighter).
  • dress younger than they are.
Huh. Good luck with this last one. The fashion world does not care one whit about what the over forty crowd wears. There no gray areas -- you're either Beyonce in a thong, or you're Margaret Thatcher.  I have the numbers to prove it! Check out the breakdown from this online department store fashion filter. (Above right). The only misleading number is the Mini (1) -- believe me when I tell you that nearly all of the Above Knee options are Mini.


  1. Hah, I'm cracking up! I will hit the big 5-0 myself in two years, and I am already psyching myself up for it. Hope it helps that I think (and I bet I speak for all your blog readers)you look NOWHERE NEAR that age! :-)Just tell people you're "40-10." When they hear the first number they'll stop at that and you have no trouble pulling it off.

    Regarding your mom's advice, I say she does have a point with the hair thing. It irks me to see "women of a certain age" sporting waist-length blonde locks (ever seen "Real Housewives of Orange County"... yeah). As far as the short skirts though, I'll throw in yet another cliche: "The legs are the last to go." This happens to be true in most cases, so if you've got 'em flaunt 'em! There has to be a point to all this horse stuff, right? :-) (Of course, in our case, being equipped with very skinny pins, we're better off wearing lower heels with the short skirts. My legs look horrid in stilettos, not that I could walk in them anyway).

    I'll be standing by to wish you a very happy birthday in a couple months!

  2. That's why I love the "preppy" look. I adopted it when it was "fashion" back in the 80's and have used it as my style default ever since. Fashion means NOTHING - STYLE is everything. Style is when you know what looks good and works on you. You then weed through what is in fashion to find the best pieces to suit your style.

    And trust - with my thighs, both above the knee and mini are O-U-T. It's at the knee or below for me and has been from childhood!

  3. I have hit the 60 mark, so I am well aware. But, aside from my knees, I don't feel it.

    Totally agree about the skirt lengths. I was acutely aware of it as a teacher because if I sat down in front of a class in a short skirt, disaster always loomed on the hemline.

    I've always had short hair, so no biggie. And not much gray yet, so no biggie there either.

    We horsewomen age well.

  4. Haha, that's a sad statistic.
    I agree with SolitareMare. It's not like anybody really dresses like they do on the runway anyways. Style is much more important.

  5. Bwah-ha-ha-ha... Too right! I'm 45, although most days I feel something akin to a spry 70 year old (compliments of my many medical misadventures).

    You called it on the wardrobe comments - and mine is mostly sleeveless too (oops). Sure is tough to find that middle ground for the closet these days. Just whacked the hair a couple of weeks ago; figured it was time ;o)

    - Margaret

  6. I say scrap all the rules. As long as things are done tastefully, it depends on what looks good on the individual. My Mom is 60, has been a bodybuilder for years and looks about 20 years younger than she is.

    Now, on the other hand, we saw a lady in her later 60s with low cut jeans and obviously wearing a thong. IMHO this would be wrong at ANY age!!!! But ... especially wrong when the behind is saggy/wrinkly.

    I know some older ladies that look positively too butch to sport short hair styles. Like I said ... base it on the individual. ;)

    And, remember, 50 is the new 35.

  7. IMO turning fifty is a piece of cake. Wait until you reach sixty five and then add a few more years!
    I am still riding and I have now reached the age that I just ignore fashion and wear what is comfortable. I must admit i do love all the new casual equestrian clothing available.


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