Thursday, September 1, 2011

Riley rebounds -- looking pretty good I think

Riley is feeling 100% better after some rest and his new shoes. I had a friend pop up on him the other day so I could see how he looked. He's a bit unsteady in the contact toward the end of this very short clip -- he tends to shake his head in that particular corner of the arena, maybe because there is no wall there, maybe for another reason, but when you just look at his legs they're moving evenly to me.

I had a chiropractor/accupuncturist/vet out today -- a real leap of faith for me, as I'm a devotee of modern medicine with all its lovely chemicals and quick fixes. What the chiro told me does jibe with my experience, though, so hopefully it is (lots and lots of) money well spent. She felt his right front fetlock joint was tight, and that there might be something askew with the sesamoid area. She felt his left front may be showing up as the lamer side (when he is off) because he is carrying more weight on it to relieve the right front. Normally clubby foots carry less weight, all other things being equal. As to the accupuncture -- Riley wasn't sure what to make of it, but at least he wasn't oblivious.


  1. He looks really good to me! Yippee!!

    As for the chiropractic and acupuncture, be not a skeptic....honest. Horses do not lie. My PJ had chronic issues and acupuncture changed him so dramatically that a fellow competitor thought I had a new horse. Nothing else I had tried, including mainstream medicine had worked.

    Saw one horse come out lame and after an adjustment, walked off perfectly sound. Another horse was frantic to be handled and touched. Chiropractic vet went into stall, horse nearly panicked when he touched his neck. With assistant's help, got control of horse, did a quick neck adjustment and the horse heaved a huge sigh of relief, dropped his head an totally relaxed to be thoroughly checked over. Once he had acupuncture, his whole personality changed.

    I know chiropractic can take away my headache, but as a human, I have preconceived notions. Horses do not. They react in the moment t what happens so their changed behavior speaks for itself.

  2. Hooray! Riley looks forward and ready for action!

    Your friend is not as tall as you. I am guessing that she is riding with your stirrup length. She is a good sport and a very nice rider. I cannot tell you how many times I have been in those, stirrups.

  3. In a world full of stressful news, it's so nice to see some happy news.


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