Sunday, August 21, 2011

Quarter Horse cutie: A public service announcement (PSA)

This isn't an ad, more of a PSA and also good PR for Quarter Horses. Disclaimer: I know nothing of this horse other than what I saw in the Youtube footage below. I love his way of going, his versatility, and he's only seven. How often do you see a horse going  western in one video, dressage in the other, and doing a nice job in both? I'm sharing it because it's feel-good footage :-), and yes, Quarter Horses can hold their own in the dressage arena!



The horse is for sale but there isn't a lot of info other than that. I contacted the owner, Natascha, and she did get back to me. She writes "He loads easily, bathes, clips, and is generally a nice horse to work around. Very laid back for his age. Had lots of miles (trail and arena)." They're asking $6500 Canadian.  Contact info for seller at the bottom of this blog.

Natascha Klan
Box 272 Grp 327 RR 3
Selkirk MB
R1A 2A8
Winnipeg's Pets


  1. WoW! I was pretty impressed by that QH (owning a QH myself and working hard to train him from his old western ways to classical dressage), and can't believe how nicely he goes in both.

    Then I scrolled down when you said the price was canadian (I'm always thrilled to see a canadian horse hitting the blog scene), expecting it to be in Ontario or BC, where most of our really 'impressive' show horses always seem to be.

    ...Man was I suprised to see that this guy is LITERALLY just down the road from me!!! : P Can't say I ever expected him to be from small town Manitoba!! So there IS hope for my boy!!! : )

  2. Super nice. Nearly every Quarterhorse I've ever known has had an excellent disposition. Honest, level headed, and certainly capable.

  3. What a fantastic horse! I'd give him a good look if we were in the market.

    Oscar's a Quarter Horse who started western and has done a bit of hunter as well. That kind of versatility isn't to be sneezed at. Wonderful temperament and decent athletic ability are great attributes and it looks like this horse has them in spades.

  4. Just because she's riding him in a western saddle, I wouldn't say he's trained to go western. She's still riding him with two hands, and his headset is still too high for what's accepted in western showrings. His gaits are also not slow enough. Not that I personally agree with or like that peanut-roller thing or 4-beat lope they are leaning towards these days but that's what is winning.

  5. Thanks for the Quarter Horse PSA! You cannot beat this guy's energetic and willing attitude.

  6. In my opinion, a horse like this shouldnt be few and far between. The correct training principles start in foundation. A horse SHOULD be able to do well in western or dressage. The fundamentals should be in place to set him up correctly for either. Tack and disciplines might require different maneuvers, but the cues and training should be identical between the two "riding styles".

  7. I think he looks more comfortable in the English tack than the Western but he is certainly a lovely horse. I also love/covet the rider's soft, elastic elbows - I want some of those!

  8. A very handsome boy indeed. I took Level 1 on a QH in college. Back then (and SO not saying how long ago exactly ;o) there were NO Quarter Horses doing dressage.
    Actually, he was the only one in our entire hunter/jumper/Warmblooded barn, and I remember being seriously bummed that I landed him for the test. I was sure we were going to seriously tank, but he did great and we passed.

  9. I have Morgan horses and they are very versatile. Western Pleasure, Hunter Pleasure, Dressage, Driving, etc. etc. AND they are fun and smart. My gelding is doing great in dressage and has learned 3 other disciplines in his 8 years. To me, it's all about whether a horse is happy and likes his/her job. Lots of people breed for one specific job....what if the horse doesn't like that job? So great if they can try something else. This looks like a very nice QH.

  10. A western saddle does not make him a western horse! Topline not level, no loose rein, two handed, rushing, etc. A true western jog and lope have no period of suspension, either.

  11. I guess as far as western goes I'm not thinking of what would win in the show ring (not sure what the current trend is), but what I'd like to ride :-)

  12. Horses like this AREN'T that few and far between... It's just common sense training. Instead on focusing on one discipline, put in solid foundations and then play around and expand your horizons.

    There are trade-offs. Teach a horse to jog, and be prepared to deal with a few unwanted jogs when transitioning down to a walk in the dressage arena. Horses that are jacks of all trades are rarely masters of any one, except for the most important.. that of being a good versatile ride.

    And for the vast majority of us, that's what we really want.

  13. Thanks for sharing!! Having a adorable quarter horse for sale as a dressage/eventer myself it can be frustrating to be in a discipline dominated by 17 hand horses with only European bloodlines! It is so nice to have warmblood owners recognizing the talents of quarter horses! I do have to say mine would have failed if asked to be a western pleasure prospect, big pushing strides and a ground covering canter make her ideal for eventing though!

  14. He is a cute boy. My mare is a registered quarter horse and an incredible mover. On more than one occasion I have been asked if she was a thoroughbred and they were pretty surprised when I respond "nope, she's a cowbred Quarter Horse."
    No thoroughbred in her line.

  15. Hello, I'm the one in the video with my Quarter horse "Kramer". I originally bought him for a buddy for my PRE boy who is also 7 years old. Who knew I was going to enjoy him just as much as I do the Spanish guy. It's true, I grew up in Germany and do not have much knowledge about any of the western styles of riding, but I really appreciate all the feedback. I'm a dressage girl at heart. I'm not so sure I want to sell him now. Thanks again, Natascha (


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