Monday, August 22, 2011

Riders Revealed calendar: For a good cause!

Awhile ago I blogged about Claire Lomas, a British rider who was paralyzed in an accident on the cross country course at the Osberton Horse Trials in 2007. The eventing community rallied behind her, creating a "calendar girls" type calendar featuring top UK eventers in the buff. It sold out quickly (darn it!). I shared some images of the scantily clad riders on my blog back then  -- to raise awareness of the cause, you see.

There are second chances!
I missed my chance at the earlier calendar, but it looks like they are doing a 2012 calendar in time for Burghley this year. They're expanding its nudie rider roster to  include the disciplines of show jumping and racing (what, no dressage?).   I've ordered three (Christmas is coming you now). You too can get to know the British riders better -- much better -- by going to the Riders Revealed Web site and using your Paypal account to get some great pix and a useful organizational calendar. I bet it could be a tax writeoff for those of you small business owners...

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