Monday, October 31, 2011

Riley' at BHCP: The Photo Series

The next 7-8 days will be unadulterated self-indulgence and vanity. Pix of me. And Riley.

I just love this photo--it's just nice, of both of us, if I do say so myself...

More to come!
Where are my manners?
I really should give a shout out to Stephen Crowers who took many lovely photos of Riley and I. SEE for more.


  1. I love it! You're both smiling!

  2. I LOVE, "unadulterated self-indulgence and vanity" when it comes to proud owner and horsey pictures so post away!

  3. Oh, you look beautiful! Both of you! Who took that, it's lovely.

  4. I'd have to agree (even if I do say so myself) ;)

    It was a lovely moment and you two looked great. I'm glad I was able to capture it.

  5. You both look great!! But I think the real payoff is the size of your smile! Just beautiful to see you so happy.

  6. Bring them on!
    Love this picture.

  7. I know the feeling, I hate dressing up, but I love the way we look in show clothes!

  8. Wonderful, wonderful photo of happy horse owner and happy horse- nothing is better than that!! You both look great!


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