Monday, October 31, 2011

Sitting in the dark with my cats

I'm glad I prep posts several days in advance. No power at home no power at work, I'm sitting in the dark with my cats right now. This halloween picture comes to you from my droid. A little later I'll go to the gym I joined today  just so I can take a shower. I maybe a little late moderating comments - bear with me!


  1. I thought you were about to say you were sitting in the dark to avoid the trick-or-treaters coming to the door! Hope your power comes back soon!

  2. That's how I was Saturday night and Sunday--without a gym to go to for a shower. Took a sponge bath with emergency water heated up on the gas stove.

    Wishing you power sooner than later! All I can do from here is offer sincere sympathy.

  3. Yup, we just got power back tonight. I've been out since Saturday's storm. I'd say we got about a foot and a half of wet snow. Trees down everywhere -including on my fence! Fortunately I'm from the 3rd world so I know how to make shift with buckets, dippers, and the like, and I have a wood stove.

    Stay warm.

  4. Oh, how awful. I've been thinking of my friends on the east coast and have been concerned about the effects of the storm. I hope you get power soon.
    How ingenious of you to join the gym....for shower privileges!


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