Saturday, October 22, 2011

Scenes from a marriage, #5

Note to self. Marital bliss is not a 24/7 state of mind...

 Husand: Can I talk to you a minute?

Wife: What's up?

Husband: Did you leave this grape in the sink?

Wife: Yes.

 Husband: I just cleaned the sink.

Wife: It is still clean.  A grape is a skin-covered, contained unit.

Husband: What am I supposed to do with this?

Wife: It can stay where it is, I think.

Husband: No, I have to move it. You left it there, knowing someone would have to move it.

Wife: I didn't really leave it there with any particular intent or forethought.

Husband: Exactly. Next time, THINK about the consequences.


Wife:  Okay. [thinks to self: Dude, I have no regrets].

Tomorrow: Horse show report :-)


  1. Oh, my. My husband and I had a converstaion many years ago when he complained about me leaving a glass next somewhere. I promptly told him that if he saw something that needing attending to, he could do it himself, or leave it until I did it, but don't complain to me about it. To this day he remembers that conversation and things have been quite lovely between the two of us:)

  2. Ahahahaha! Totally been there. Have to go look for scenes 1 thru 4 now.

  3. Not what I expected when I saw the blogger preview! I thought it was a heart shaped grape and this was a tale of long-lived loved showing itself in a tiny, juicy green package! : P

  4. I agree with the self contained, non-unclean-causing grape point of yours. I also kind of agree with the husband on this one, in that *why* would you even have a grape in the sink? Unless you have a disposal on that side...

    Poor grape, caught in the middle. "Yes, it IS your fault Mommy and Daddy are arguing!!" Poor thing will be traumatized for the rest of his (very short) life.


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