Monday, November 28, 2011

All I want for Christmas...

I love my Petrie boots, but they are hard as a rock like all dressage boots are. I can't walk in them all day like I can my Mountain Horses. Wishing these gel-foot-protectors weren't quite so expensive ($26 for half-socks?). Do they work? Not sure, but if they did, what great gift idea for horsewomen and men.


  1. Interesting idea, but how much width do they add to the leg? If your boots fit close to the leg, would their be room?

    I ride in Mountain Horse dressage boots myself. I'm not into the stiffeners and such. I prefer comfort over dramatic style.

  2. sounds like a good idea. I have narrow heels and have to use bandaids on my heels w/ my tall boots.

  3. I just got new dressage boots and they dig into my ankles. I saw those half socks on VTO as well and thought they were very expensive. I ended up going to a sporting goods store and buying the 4" long thick wrist sweat bands made for hockey players for $4.99 what a deal! I just put those on my ankles and they definitely do the trick. Save some money!


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