Sunday, November 27, 2011

I'm a sucker for socks

Dontcha love this little gal? Her name is Starlet, and she's by Sempatico out of Deco's Favorite- Premium Oldenburg mare by Art Deco. I've seen a few other Sempatico offspring, one consistently beat Ri-Ri at breed shows despite having a bit of a ewe neck (which he later outgrew). If you're in the market for color, Sempatico is a good choice IMHO. She's for sale at


  1. Cute filly but I like the mare's color better.

  2. Such suspension! And gorrggeous hock action. A really nice filly. Someone will snap her up in no time!

  3. Nice horses, the ran so fast, I hope I can ride one of them in the near future.

    Zero Dramas

  4. Would love to use that sire should I ever breed my Riva. I am a sucker for black and white!

  5. She is beautiful!!!! I bought a Sempatico M colt this summer. Sempatico's get are also infamous for a wonderful disposition. At 17-months, I would have to agree.


    Stacey - Feel free to You Tube him at Special Effects GES.

  6. I was fortunate to purchase a Sempatico filly out of an Art Deco mare. She will be three in June and I cannot wait to start her! Gotta love a horse of color! Love your blog!


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