Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Photo Series 4: Down the Diagonal

Down the diagonal line, here we are at about the mid-point looking fairly pleasant. It's a beginner-level frame, and you can tell his movement is pretty flat here. You can see I'm collapsed through the midsection.


  1. Riley is, however, nicely engaged.

    Think of a string pulling up on your head all the way down to your seat. Sometimes that helps you lift your core.

    But don't sell yourself short--you still look great!

  2. Wow. There's almost a glow around you guys. Beginner frame or not, you're looking awesome together.

  3. Beginner level frames and collapsing aside( we always view ourselves so critically- a good thing, I know) , every one of these photos shows an attentive, relaxed, happy horse. You have done very well by Riley, and it shows. I hope you are well pleased by the progress in what will surely be a long and happy partnership!

  4. Interesting and elucidating picture. I wonder if you're collapsed in the middle because you're doing what I tend to -I try to get the horse round by getting round myself. The effect is that C curve to my upper body -starting at the hips and ending with the shoulders and neck and almost me looking down. It's an unconscious habit for me.


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