Friday, February 3, 2012

For Compliment foal

Cute, cute cute.


  1. I'd like to see him canter too, but that trot looks really nice. Can we--me--novices tell about future performance at that age? I know the experts have a pretty good idea of what, and when to evaluate a baby.

    Either way, with those white hind legs and all that personality, this kid's going to be a looker.

  2. Don't they say three days, three months, three years? He does not look very old here, prob less than 3 weeks?

  3. I like him! So many of the babies with wow suspension 1) will lose a lot of it when older, because babies tend to have more in the first place and 2) have hocks hanging out a mile behind them. I like that he naturally seems to bring the hind legs under. Several of the Totilas babies you posted who people seemed to rave over most had the trailing hocks, while others had this same tendency of bringing the hind legs under.

    Super cute AND looks nice to my very unknowledgeable mind. :)

  4. He's an itty bitty thing, but there is a general roundness to his action that I bet he holds onto. At this age (or a little older) Ri had the same gait mechanics that he has now. Also the same cute face.

  5. My little baby Friesian moved just like that when he was the same age. Springy and light. Then, he got age and weight on him and needed a little "help." LOL

    Uh oh ... what happened to momma's front leg??

  6. KY-ooot! What a doll. I, too, was wondering how much of that suspension and uphilled-ness he will retain when he's grown up. I'm also curious as to how he compares in those areas to say, a TB foal. They're all so adorable...


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