Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sugar, oh, honey honey:

Why can't they do commercials like this in the States???


  1. Too cute! And actually good riding. I got to go to the Spanish riding school once and it was amazing just watching their informal practice session. When my dad went in his 20s he said they had the barn open to visitors and could meet the horses. Not anymore : (

    I kind of want to see more horse commercials but at the same time the ads I see with horses in the states tend to make me cringe...even watching people ride in movies is pretty painful with them hanging on the horses mouths and bouncing around like a sack of potatoes

  2. Why not? 'Cause we don't have the Spanish Riding School here. *G*

    Wish the horses had gotten some of the sugar, though--the only flaw I can see.

    What usually bugs me about US commercials is all the silly horse stuff. Woman riding bareback in a flowing white dress, galloping through the surf. Mismatched tack, the rearing horses, and everyone is always so...clean. (There was an old one for Dial soap where the woman got all grubby at the barn, though.)

    The good ones are the Budwiser Clydesdales. I hear they are back at the SuperBowl this year. Hope it's a good ad. I think they got a lot of backlash from being missing with a clever one last year and added a horse ad at the last minute when everyone found out the horses were not going to be featured.

  3. That was great except YEAH, the poor horses totally should have gotten some of the sugar! Not fair! (I'm not worried... IRL I think they are plenty spoiled :-).

    I got to see them in Vienna, when I was 15. An unforgettable experience, even though at the time I'd never even heard the word "dressage." I did plenty of flatwork in my H/J lessons, it was just called that! And yes, I was able to visit the Lipizzaners in their stable afterwards. I was crushed to find them tied with their heads to the back of their stalls. Thank goodness one of the stallions got loose and I was able to pet him! :-)

  4. I've seen a show at the Spanish Riding School and it was amazing! The younger stallions (who go first) are quite fun to watch because they seem a lot like teenage boys. We weren't able to actually go near the horses, but people lined up to watch them get tacked from behind glass windows. They were like celebrities.

  5. Such a lovely ad!
    I'm sure they would have enjoyed the sugar much more than the riders, though. I know the stud here enjoys his sugar.
    Love the Lippis!

  6. I was in Vienna a couple of years ago , during the summer, and they now have a summer program. They had young males and a couple of mares, even a few stallions. They had some driving and a couple from the audience were passengers. It was quite a nice show. I went on the stallion palace tour and did not see any stallions with their heads tied! We were however asked not to touch them. The stalls were spotless as were the horses. The tour took us through their tack room and I remember the guide saying how sad it was not to see the stallions saddles as they had been taken to the Piber stud farm for the summer with the stallions.
    Cute commercial...I know that the stallions get plenty of sugar, when they were in Atlanta a while back all the horses being worked from the ground got sugar from the riders..they reached into their long jackets and slipped the horses was nice to see that!


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