Monday, January 2, 2012

Great gift for horse owners (a post-gift-analysis)

Harv thinks this is a nice alternative to his usual monogram.
I got some great gifts this Christmas -- a bronze purse, horse videos, an Ariat shirt, a vintage show jumping poster, and more.

File under "give this next year!"
One fun and practical gift really stood out this year. Struggling to buy for your horse-loving friend? Think halter tags! I now have one for Ri, one for Harv, and to make a "larger" gift give more so that your recipient can use them to tag blankets too. Add a cell phone number on the back, and folks will be able to identify you as the owner!

Thanks to the person who thought to give me these. Harv likes his -- he thinks it makes him look distinguished. I think the looks especially nice on his coincidentally new halter. Riley has a show halter with orange piping and his tag is on that one, not his muddy pasture halter.


  1. Wow-I'm thrilled you like them so much! I had ordered a bunch last year for my barn buddies and they were a hit, so I got them for new boarders at the barn this year. I have them all all of Moxy's blankets as well as on her halter. I got them from, and I've been pleased with how well they hold up to abuse: much better than the "engraved while you wait" kind of tags.

  2. Very nice, and very stylish. My Boys do not wear halters except when being handled, but it would be a great idea in a boarding barn where you'd also want your halter identified. Nice too in that you could switch it from halter to halter over time--unlike the crewed on nameplates.

  3. I ordered these for my guy's special barn buddies this year. Tied to a big candy cane, they make lovely, useful gifts- please consider reposting in early December to remind us!

  4. A great idea for boarders, yes, and also if you keep your horse at home but attend shows and share the trainer's tack room. Huey's brown leather halter has a plate, but his black one needs "something"--and tagging bridles is another use for these very handy disks.

    I have two small dogs and when we go outside, I'll say, "Let's go check on the Big Dog," and they know we're going to the barn--where the "Big Dog" lives. Halter-bridle tags, dog tags, mox nix ;o)


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