Sunday, March 11, 2012

Harvster turns 25!

Sugar ruled the day on Saturday, May 10. Harv graciously accepted his icing (the cake was chocolate and therefore a no-no). I had asked that Harv be left in for the celebration (he could be turned out afterward). A mistake. He was beside himself, all agitated and hyper, at missing his morning pasture-time. But it was a good day, and Bob took some nice pix of the cake, cookies, and Harv and I -- 42 pix in all! Remember, the cookies are by Cookies by Becky, and the cake is from the Flour Shop.


  1. Once again, Happy Birthday, Harvey. He looks great. And he looks like he was trying to get some of that cake too.

    The cookies are adorable. And the cake looks luscious. Bet everyone had a good time celebrating a very special occasion.

  2. Happy Birthday, Harv! Looking good!

    I love that you do a whole celebration, cake and all, for his birthday. Those cookies are darling!

  3. Harv looks amazing!
    Happy Birthday big guy!

  4. This story really makes me smile! He's a good guy andyour're such a wonderful horse mom!

  5. Stacey - Harvey looks absolutely awesome,he is in beautiful condition and looks a decade younger. It's a credit to your care for sure. I love the cake and cookies, what a 'sweet' idea! Happy Birthday Harvey! :) Becky B.

  6. That is a great looking horse- a credit to you, an inspiration for us. Harv is one of the lucky ones, and it does my heart a world of good!
    My black humor kicked in with the gorgeous cookies- since my guy had an eye removed last year, the icing artist would have her work cut out for her- perhaps a birthday patch for the profile shot?
    Thanks for sharing his celebration!


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