Saturday, March 10, 2012

I'm a sucker for fancy tails...

So I love this horse...

And this pony, Dreidimensional AT...
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  1. Lovely tails indeed. That first horse's is especially pretty, mostly because of his amazing golden color with the white. What's also nice is to see so much calm tail "waving" rather than agitated swishing as these horses work.

    Takes a lot of effort to keep a tail in that kind of condition.

  2. LOVING Dreidimensional AT ... and I think he was born in 09'. That trot is just stunning!!!

  3. Why oh why do I not like the first rider? Why? I don't think she's technically bad. I just cringe watching that.

    P.S. I hate this commenting format. Bah. I guess insomnia is just making for grumpiness all round. LOL.

    1. For anon - the first ride is not moving properly in her hip joints to correctly absorb the motion. Because she's on a baroque-type horse with less back movement she gets away with it, but it's not the kind of soft riding we should all aim for. I recognize it because I have the exact same problem... without riding as well as she does in every other way.

      I *love* palominos. They're always my dream color, despite the fact lately it's dark bays turning my head. That first horse is gorgeous! And I love flaxen manes and tails, too - I love both of these guys!

      (This is Net, who can't seem to sign in again today)

    2. This is Friesianwelshx, who also cannot sign in today. Grump. :(


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