Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A cross country machine, and he cleans up real nice!

Watching Wil'YALoveme on cross country I noted that big thick pony neck and Courtney's determination to keep him in check before each fence. As he trucked around the course, so sure of himself,  it was hard to imagine him in a dressage "listening" frame. I imagined a fairly rough and ready dressage performance, but how wrong was I? He cleans up real nice!


  1. He is adorable and very attentive. Even in the counter canter "bobble" toward the end, he just recovered and went on. I was taken with the rider's jacket--the "cutaway" front as opposed to the four-button coat. I thought at first she was wearing a shadbelly.

  2. What a cutie. :) A lot of work was put into this pony, so much credit to the riders & owners.

  3. Love this horse & love the rider! I truly think eventing is the sport that demands the most versatility out of a horse. I love the rider's quiet hands.

  4. And he doesn't have that "I'm about to explode" appearance a lot of event horses show in the dressage ring. Too cool for words.

  5. I could eat this pony up! Connemaras are awesome, and this one helps prove my point. My first pony was a Connemara and I've been in love with them ever since. Kudos to Courtney and any other trainer of Wil'YaLoveMe. I hope to be able to see them if they ever come to GA at Chatt Hills.

  6. Boy do I know about thick, dragon necks!!! I used to show Morgans a lot. ;)

    Believe me, this lady put the work in ... probably more hours than someone with a lighter-built, uphill TB. I know ... because I have a Friesian crossed with a smaller Welsh sec D. He has a neck like a dragon and is very powerful. If he WANTS to go somewhere, there is no bit that will stop him. Therefore, there is no convincing him to be "light" and use his haunch motor. I have to do a sort of psychological dance with him to make HIM think it is HIS idea. Then ... we can work together. ;)

    But, when he decides to get light ... there is NO BETTER RIDE ... ever! Because his desire to learn and please his rider is key. I got over riding schizophrenic TBs just for the benefit of lightness (nothing against a good TB ... but I don't like spooking and a greater % of TBs are pretty flighty)

    I would take this Connemara any day. Love it.

    1. I wish you had a blog because I am sooooo dying to see a picture of you Friesian cross. :D If you see this and wouldn't mind could you email me one to I would love to see him. He sounds awesome.

  7. What. A. NICE. Boy! Very impressive - the reins weren't even tight, he was carrying himself a lot to my eye. Yes, the rider's quiet hands were excellent, too. I love ponies... always wanted to try riding a Connemara. This one is really special!

  8. He is so awesome (as are his owner/rider/trainer - not sure if they are all the same person lol)!! I'm so happy to see a Connemara in the Rolex (this is Rolex footage right? I'm reading backward from recent to older posts so I'm a little lost lol). :D


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