Thursday, April 26, 2012

OTTBs at Rolex

Courageous Comet, OTTB, many times @ Rolex
Today, we have a guest editor, sort of. I'm redirecting you to Erin Pittman's annual post describing OTTBs at Rolex.  Eventing is where thoroughbreds arguably hang on to their foothold in equestrian sports (non-racing). Thanks to Erin for highlighting these grand horses.


  1. Check the home page of New Vocations (, one of many very successful TB retraining/rehoming facilities that deal with retired racers (NV also take Standarbred trotters and pacers and retrains them as well).

    This is such a wonderful thing that is happening--where top name riders see what great prospects so many OTTBs are and take them on as projects or "permanent residents" in their barns. Courageous Comet is but one of many horses who either didn't keep the "fire in the belly" on the track or through injury or age was no longer competitive so needed a new career. I own an OTTB, and he has been a joyful ride.

    Thanks, Stacey, for linking this.

  2. Love how the OTTB's get so many second chances and how there are so many rewarding organizations out there for the people who put in the time and effort to create their second lives. :) <3

  3. Beautiful horse! Glad to see so many of them are making the transition over to productive, second careers. YAY OTTB's!


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