Friday, April 13, 2012

Loving Paragon, but the music? Eh.

Heather and Paragon, I love the pair, and I expected the musical freestyle to be a giant "wow" -- but the music didn't speak to me. Bonfire/Anky's West Side Story freestyle can make me cry as if on queue, and Rusty/Salzgeber's famous freestyle makes me want to beat my chest. This is such a wonderful horse/rider combo, I guess it'll be hard to find music to match their talent...


  1. My internet connection isn't good enough to get a good viewing, but from what I saw, this is an example (to me) of how vocals can distract from a freestyle. And Rusty's freestyle? My all-time favorite!!!

  2. I thought this performance was beautiful. I am awed by how talented the horse and rider are. Wow! (The music didn't bother me much; the horse commanded all of my attention.) Thanks for sharing it!

  3. Actually, I kind of liked it, mostly because it was very original and the ride itself had some original concepts, including the walk entrance and the one tempis into the final halt. Not perfected yet as the passage/piaffe transitions are a little lacking in energy, but looks like a "work in progress."

    Was it actually a competition? Paragon was wearing ear covers. Thought they were illegal.

    Love that Heather is in a proper helmet too. Kudos. Shows she is one smart rider.

    The music suits Paragon's rhythm quite well. I think they are going for "pretty" rather than dramatic. It is a definite choice and creates an elegant rather than "in your face" impression.

  4. ehhh, the music was bad. I am not a fan of them anymore. When I first started watching Paragon I was astounded by his movement but as they have climbed up he has lost that float and his hind end often seems to be moving at a different rate than his front.

  5. Personally - I love this freestyle. Her Small Tour freestyle was a condensed version of this one. The music - it's from Cirque du Soleil - KA. Paragon's footfalls were calculated completely "on point" with this selection...and whomever produced/mixed this piece of music for them did a fantastic job. It's still new...however, I am sure the more the pair can practice and perfect will be an amazing display of Grand Prix Dressage.

  6. I don't love the music, but I don't hate it. Paragon really seems off on his right hind, somewhere up high to me. Anyone else see it? Consistently short striding, tentative placement, lack of push?


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