Saturday, April 14, 2012

Ziggy Stardust Dressage style

This is dressage à la Ziggy Stardust -- which is not to say I don't like those boots! They are best worn by the likes of runway model dressage divas, though. Those boots should not get within 100 yards of jiggly thighs.


  1. trying to get my head around crystal buckles on a boot, whether for riding or to look like you are into riding. That applies to the equestrian wannabe ladies at Miami U these days.

    I don't like the comment box. I don't like having to have a registered account with somebody (with another password to remember, which I wouldn't). So I register 'Anonymous' and sign my name.

    Ken Grabach

  2. Anyone daring to wear those boots astride had better have a very steady lower leg!

  3. Wow that’s some fancy dressage gear, I have seen some very showy boots before but perhaps not this showy I think they look great.

    I don’t mind how I comment just so long as I can, this way seems fine.

  4. I saw those on the back of Dressage Extensions, but couldn't find any link to them inside the catalog (just HAD to see how much they cost!). I could see them in a nighttime (with spotlights) demo ride or freestyle, but anywhere else? Someone would just be trying to distract/blind the judge!

  5. I'm a traditionalist--okay, a fuddy duddy ;o)--when it comes to the rider's clothing. I like the helmets at FEI level, but to me that's common sense--safety first, and not a distraction from the overall "picture" of horse and rider. I have scribed enough to note that if your horse is not steady in the bridle, the sparkles on a headband (Swarovski crystals or not) exaggerate and call attention to any movement of the head.

  6. A note about those Petrie boots in the Dressage Extensions catalog: I went online and if you hold the cursor over the image, the URL ends with "circus_dressage.html".


  7. LOL, they might work on a gray horse, no? A Circus act would be good too.

  8. I'm a traditionalist too, I don't like all the bling. I've always loved dressage because it's about the training and the relationship between the horse & rider and not about how your horse looks. I watch Western and even Hunter classes and just shake my head. I hate the fake tails they add and the blingy outfits on horses & riders. I wouldn't want to compete in a "sport" where I'm judged on how blingy my horse & I look.


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