Sunday, April 15, 2012

A word about "politics" and horses

Gotta love it when Austrian Warmbloods are politicized in the media. Because all horse enthusiasts are "wealthy" and "out of touch" with the common man. Believe me I'm not one to defend this or any politician (well, maybe Ralph Nader), but my goodness, you're gonna criticize a guy for bein' a horse husband? I personally feel no small amount of solidarity for a woman who ditches a tedious campaign to go ridin'.Ann seems to be among the many, many women who outclass their spouses...


  1. I think it's so unfair to leak comments that were clearly private chit-chat. I am thrilled that Ann Romney is a horse owner and horse lover, and that her horses provide her with much needed breaks from the campaign, as well as personal joy. Good for her. I am also thrilled that she is a HUGE sponsor for our sport and for Jan Ebeling.

    1. Amen. I am extremely tired of the class warfare myself. I'm tired of having to constantly explain to people that I am not rich, but wouldn't mind being so regardless of how it makes them feel about me. I am a very generous person as it is. Way to go, Ann Romney! Mother of 5 boys and MS warrior! You show 'em how horses are therapeutic! Boy do people love to chitter ... and gossip!! Whoo. This is why I spent all my money to keep my horses on my own property. It's about all I can do to stay away from crummy horse-people gossip!!!! Icky how we all treat each other when politics are involved. :P

  2. No problem here, either, and I am not a Romney fan. Unfortunately, the whole perception of his wealth spills over into the horse angle and ends up giving the general public a false impression of horse ownership.

    All that being said, those of us who do have horses may well be on tight budgets and not at all rich, but we are also not among the lower average income brackets where families are struggling to keep afloat. I need to keep reminding myself of that when the bills come in and I have to work hard to keep the bank book balanced. At least I have a bankbook to balance.

    Curious. I don't know much about Australian Warmbloods. Knowing the horse culture there, I suspect they would be really nice horses.

  3. It's bull crap that all people who own horses are wealthy. I'm 16 years old, trying really hard to get through highschool, and working 30 hours a week at a restaurant to pay for the horse I love more than anything. Am I crazy? Definitely. Do I have a ton of extra cash laying around? Hell no. Horses do not equate to wealth. They equate to passion and hard work.

  4. Ann Romney has MS and is in remission. According to what I have heard and read, horseback riding is one of the exercises her doctor recommends. Neil Cavuto on Fox News and Fox Business channels also has MS and about two years ago the Romneys were on his program. She and Neil discussed their MS and ways they were coping with it.

    I have seen her when she is at Los Angeles Equestrian Center, and she rides very well. She is co-owner (with Jan Ebeling's wife Amy and another woman) of the lovely mare Rafalca. World Cup and Olympics 2012 ;o)

  5. In my barn, there are plenty of families struggling to keep afloat, which is why some horses haven't had their board paid in months, and when my husband first got out of college and our first son was born, after all the bills were paid (including the board and feed for my guy that I had owned for 20 years) we had $20 left over for food for ourselves for the week, so the adage about people that own horses being wealthy or at least above average income, is tired and old.

    That being said, I certainly don't want someone that has been unsuccessful with money, running our country. The same way I don't want a teacher that struggles with learning to teach my child just so the teacher can relate to the kids better.

  6. I have to admit I'm impressed that he knows what breed of horse she has and the name of the sport that she does. I agree with what others said that with the Romney's being horse people will only perpetuate the image that horse folks are well-to-do as the Romney's certainly are. I don't personally support the Romney's but I do admit to a certain curiosity as to his position on some of the controversial horse topics that could potentially come before him like the equine slaughter issue.

  7. That whole thing about "out of touch with the electorate" is so silly! Every single politician is an out of touch elitist. (Yes, even Nader.) It one of the job benefits!
    How nice that Mrs. Romney rides. She is more interesting than I thought. We need a riding first lady again. Mrs Kennedy and Mrs. Reagan were the last ones. And I suspect Nancy Reagan just rode for her husband's sake. We need another equestrian president again too.
    My next door neighbor died of MS and other miserable things but she rode as long as possible, it definitely helped her if only to make her happy.


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