Monday, April 16, 2012

Rolex readiness, 2012

This ready!!!
How ready am I for Rolex?
  1. Chronicle subscription to get the Eventing issue with commentary, check.
  2. Rubber boots, check.
  3. Aussie hat in lieu of umbrella, check.
  4. Credit card balances reduced, check.
  5. Clothing for all possible conditions, check.
Oh, and lest ye be jealous, I have not mentioned thus far that Bob and I have splurged!!! No, we're not in the patron tent, but we are staying at the HAMPTON INN. No pieces of breakfast bagel in the windowsill of the stairwell, no funky smelling carpet, no one peeing in the elevator, not THIS YEAR. No sirreee!

Lane Ashker and Anthony Patch, one of many OTTBs at RK3DE
This year I'll be cheering on Anthony Patch and Laine Ashker, among others. I don't read her blog often, but in a recent post she laments that she has not had time to keep up her exercise regimen of running, kickboxing, and pole dancing. Really? Yes, really, I'm so out of touch with popular culture that I had no idea pole dancing is now a fitness routine. But that's neither here nor there, Laine has been very focused on dressage these days, and her dressage tests have been super-nice. Her video blog features her riding a schoolmaster, trying her hand at pirouettes. I think she competes in "real" dressage shows at fourth level on a part-Andalusian now too. I see a future dressage convert in the making.

I still remember she had one of the prettiest jumping rounds at Rolex 2010 -- it could have been a hunter round -- and AP was trying his heart out. You gotta love that.

One minor RK3DE annoyance is that they have not posted the trade fair vendors as far as I can tell. How is one supposed to  PLAN under these conditions?????  Feeling positively giddy.


  1. Ahhhhh, Rolex! :) You're going to have a blast! I hope someday I can go. :)

  2. Well, they better get the important stuff posted online can you plan your shopping splurge if you don't know what's going to be there? *G*

    And Jersey Fresh comes right after just a short drive away. CCI3 and part of the selection trials as well. What a great spring for horse events.

  3. This is my first year to go. My husband set it all up for my birthday. Any tips for a newbie???

  4. Got our tickets too and can't wait!!! We love Rolex sooo much! Keeping my eye on Becky Holder and her two greys - both Courageous Coment and Can't Fire Me are going so well. Saw them go at SPII and was just so impressed. Also love Boyd Martin with Remington - we have a Hanoverian and love seeing one doing so well in eventing - since we bred our mare for eventing . . . she hasn't had a chance to prove herself at only 4. Love the good deals there, looking for breeches, paddock boots, love this particular leather halter/name engraving booth - will get another halter there this year, we are also shopping for half chaps and a skull cap. I'm super giddy too Stacey! Hope to see you and Bob there! Becky B.

  5. I've 'officially' started packing my bag. 1 week left 'till I head south! With the Olympics on the horizon, this year's sure to be an exhilarating one.
    Sara- best tip possible would be to pack for all different types of weather. I've gone from long johns to shorts and sunscreen within the space of a weekend. You can be amidst a storm complete with tornado warnings & thunder showers, and ten minutes later it'll be warm and sunny. You just never know what to expect.

  6. If you have a husband go, consider picking up a cheap lawn chair at Kmart. He occasionally goes back to the car to relax in the sun.

    Mud boots THAT YOU CAN WALK IN-A LOT-are a must.

    Don't eat at the food tents -- bring some granola bars, get coffee at the tents. Eat your big meal at one of the fabulous cheap places to eat in Lexington.

    Restrooms, good ones, at the TRADE FAIR and the STADIUM. No portolets if you can avoid it, not that they're awful.

    Wear lightweight summer breeches. You'll fit right in, they'll dry quickly if it rains, and offer some wind protection.

    Find parking landmarks!

    Sign up for ALL giveaways. Every year except last year I got something really nice.

    Mail stuff home, lest ye exceed the airline weight limit.

  7. I'm a Courageous Comet fan because he's an OTTB. Read that Amy Tryon, big eventer, died a few days ago, early 40s.

    Have a GREAT time and all your "checks" sound wonderful.

  8. Thanks for the tips! I am so excited and can't wait for enxt week to get here.


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