Sunday, May 6, 2012

All for TBs Part 4: Two great prospects, revealed!

So within a few minutes of being introduced to poles, Bruce moves on to set up an oxer...

In the background, you'll see a woman on a chestnut just outside the arena -- this is Ready for April and Cathy Weischhoff -- truly a highlight of an already enjoyable evening. A fancy athletic chestnut, 16.2, Cathy has used natural horsemanship techniques to take this horse to an advanced level in a short timeframe. She seems like a really nice lady, very down to earth, and she's found herself a "keeper." There is a video on young event horses where Cathy talks about Ready and his performance at an event at Rebecca Farm (with footage!). Awesome horse.


  1. Interesting about teaching the horse over a solid fence. It does make sense, but could also produce a crash. Heavy pole usually discourage most horses from hitting the fence again after doing it once.

    The woman I bought my PJ from started horses right off the track like this. When buyers went to look at them, they walked, trotted, and cantered in the arena and then would jump perhaps 2'6" or so. She might only have the horse a week or even less--high turnover because she only brought in REALLY nice young TB's.

    It's amazing how fast the horses would learn the basics for a good "sale" ride.

  2. I'm with you, Jean- I'd be worried about a crash, too, with a solid jump. I'd also be sticking with cavalletti and x-rails for a good long time! But then, most of us are not Olympic-level eventers so don't think we need to feel bad. :-). Very impressive work by both of these young TBs!


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