Saturday, May 5, 2012

Another word about barn drama...

It's on my mind, and it doesn't hurt to have some comic relief on the topic. Have you heard the "Relinquish your whip!" story from COTH? Worth a read, just goes to show you how far things can go when people assume the worst in others. In the case of the "relinquish your whip" story, it gets pretty comical! I'd love to see a re-enactment. It's isn't examplary human behavior but at least they're up front with one another.

I love reading others' barn dramas because... We all deal with it. As Bob Dylan says, "You should not feel so all alone (everybody must get stoned)." You young'uns, in case you don't know about Bob Dylan...


  1. Now THAT is funny! *lol* Thanks for the post. I needed a laugh.

  2. Barn drama is the whole reason I gave up boarding and bought a farm piece. I cannot enjoy my horses when drama is crawling all over the place. Boarding was fun, but it really took its toll over time. I now enjoy complete peace when I go out to ride. I don't mind doing the labor myself; it's actually enjoyable. I don't have to listen to teenagers whine about their horses having bad habits (when the owner is actually the one teaching the bad habits). I don't have to hear people whine that the barn owner doesn't do a 100% perfect job. I don't have to be accosted by every gossip-monger when all I want to do is ride and love on my horses.

    It's like heaven ... and I will never look back!


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