Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bred to piaffe, not to do THIS

I love the rider's advice to the horse -- "Have a wee look at it." He certainly does! I'm impressed with the rider (and the horse!). This outing probably did him a world of good -- I would love to see his gaits in an open field versus in the ring.


  1. Wow, does she have a great seat! She just stuck right with him.

    He is so funny, though, as if the water is going to eat him up alive. *lol* When the other horses gave the lead over, maybe if she had been able to follow more closely, it would have helped. But if her horse was fussing and fuming behind them while they crossed, it would have been impossible.

    He sure does look like an athletic fellow.

  2. Oh god, it's like watching my own horse! We do this same thing over puddles. And by "puddles" I mean "wet patches in the driveway."

  3. I can say this:

    THANK GOODNESS FOR BIG, FAT KNEE BLOCKS on that saddle!! lol

    Some horses really are not bold enough for eventing, and, in my opinion, there's really nothing in the world important enough to make me force a spooky, fraidy-cat horse to event. Haha!

  4. haha, nice to see I'm not the only one who has issues like this! He certainly has a BIG jump- look at that clearance over the fences!

  5. she did so well to just stick right to him, it reminds me of the horse i ride called Gatsby he sees something he doesnt like and either as my teacher put it cat leaps over it or starts reversing and going in circles

    she did so well to stay on she did a really good job and he is a gorgeous horse!

  6. How cool. She is basically showing us how to sit chilly and not feed the fire! And boy howdy isn't he athletic. Of two minds about the horse-eating water, he did not run away, he screwed his courage to the sticking place and leaped OVER the horse eating creek. Well done.


  7. I'm so glad she let him look at it and didn't rush the issue. Pushing usually winds up elevating the horse's concerns to fear. I have to say I thought that his "solution" to the puddle dilemma was a hoot. I'm with you, it would be cool to see his normal way of going; he is a beautiful boy. Kudos to his rider too, for steady hands and a great seat.

  8. Ahh it's Lauren! I know her from Youtube,she's absolutely wonderful and really is a great rider.
    Q is a lovely mover too. If you search her youtube channel EddiesGun91 you'll find more videos of him :)

  9. Looks like he needs some lessons in walking over noisy things. Good use for a blue plastic tarp.


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