Wednesday, May 23, 2012

When your horse is an overachiever...

One thing I always marvel at when I go to Rolex is that  horses jump without knowing what they're getting into -- what's on the other side. They trust the rider as this horse did, and he showed incredible athleticism in a sticky situation. I'm equally impressed at how quickly he recovered, taking the second obstacle without hestitation. Big pats for this one!

Oh, and the rider did a pretty credible job too ;-).


  1. Well THAT was impressive...

  2. THIS.

    I totally DO NOT GET how those horses can jump x-country like that, without knowing what's on the other side. Could be a ditch, could be a 15' drop with water, could be the table is 6' wide, etc. - how the heck does the horse know what to do with its legs??? I can almost understand how GP horses can see how wide a triple oxer is and stretch accordingly, but the x-country horses.... nope, I just don't understand. I wish I could find information on that somewhere!

    That's an awesome little video. Not a scratch on that boy, it's like he planned it that way! :-)

  3. Handy fellow indeed. Athletic, get into a jam and get out quick! I agree about the rider, too.

  4. Was that a "jump up on the bank and then down," or was it supposed to be taken all in one leap? That thing was HUGE!

    You are right, and incredible horse and the rider stuck like glue.

    Having evented--at a much lower level--that courage and absolute trust between horse and rider is an essential. A good event horse is an amazingly brave animal and the good riders know exactly how to encourage that.

    All I can say is, "Wow!"


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