Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fancy whips for serious whoopass

My grandmother used to carry a cane and she had some really gorgeous canes -- including one that had a horsehead at the top. These whips take me back to that era of elegance. I'd love to own one of these but I'm not sure I'd ever use it. Somethings must be preserved for the upper level rider, like the shadbelly, because they're truly special...

Sandra B Designs
Elite canes and Browbands


  1. My problem is that somehow I always end up mislaying a whip or two during the course of a year--or letting it get stepped on or somesuch. I'd have to be supremely responsible with something that expensive. Can't quite imagine changing my ways...*G*

  2. Oh goodness, now I want one of those, just for carrying around the house!

  3. I have to wonder how they feel. While they are GORGEOUS I don't want a whipe which is too heavy on the handle end, as my tendency is to flip the lash around everywhere and therefore accidentally ask my horse for things when he sees it in his peripheral vision.
    Yes, this is funny to watch...

  4. That is, no joke, the exact design and color of the pull knobs on my drawers in my kitchen. Methinks a trip to Home Depot and Hobby Lobby could fancy up my existing dressage whip :)


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