Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fix-a-test with Riley, May 12

I was "show manager" for this show, and I rode the first test of the day so that I could focus on the job. Our warm-up was very limited -- the owner was watering the warmup ring, so I ended up riding around the outside of the show ring (about 15 meters wide) for maybe ten minutes. Here is the test. I liked Ri's cheerful willingness. It's a good indicator of where we are, generally, although he is normally rounder at the trot with steadier contact. There was not much going on, but even with few distractions he kept wanting to look around! The canter work, unfortunately, is spot-on.

We scored a 66%. I'll try to post some of the coaching session that took place after the test. Good advice!


  1. He is moving nicely forward, so that's a plus. But you are right, he is, at the trot, very unsteady in your contact. But the distractions and the lack of warmup could have made all the difference.

    The canter is pretty nice in both directions with the right lead a bit better. Just looks to me that some more experience is going to help a lot.

    I'd be interested in the fix a test coaching.

    Good ride overall for a first time out in a long while.

  2. I am a novice at this, but I thought your downward transitions were nice. His head/neck seemed too active at the counter clockwise canter? Not criticizing, just trying to learn for when it's my turn to be in the ring!

  3. Agree with Jean, plus, I very seriously LOVE his swing-y tail - to me it demonstrates his "cheerfulness" as well as a desirable level of relaxation sorely lacking in most of the tests I see. Congrats!


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