Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Verden auctions: One day I'll go

But until then, here is a sense of what they're like...


  1. i've always wanted to go!! but I would have to bring someone to bid for me because I get too nervous XD

  2. Looks like a super legitimate place to buy if you have deep pockets. Too rich for my blood, but I can still dream...Wonder what the horses that DON'T make it past all the inspections sell for on the outside?

  3. OT: Oh my. You certainly have an interesting mix of followers who comment. Just sayin'.

    Fascinating glimpse into a whole new world for me. No wonder the European teams present such fantastic horses. We Americans are starting to figure that out and are fielding some pretty awesome mounts ourselves ;o)

    Interesting that for the auction presentation the horses are clipped (whiskers, ears) but often for the Olympic teams, European horses are "au naturel."

    Thanks for this, Stacy. I enjoy your blog.


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