Tuesday, June 26, 2012

As you are reading this... (Riley video)

As you are reading this Ri and I are (most likely) getting ready to leave for our first (schooling) show "away" this year -- at Bucks County Horse Park. Last year, around October, we did Intro 2 and 3 at BCHP as part of the LVDA adult team competition. We did okay. This is an excerpt from our last pre-show lesson, on Sunday. Ri felt heavy in my hand at first, and he still is leaning a little, but overall he doesn't feel bad. I'm appalled at my position and concave chest. I'm wearing my show boots, and they really require that I lengthen my stirrups a hole--so I'm a little cramped. You'll see the right/clockwise trotwork tomorrow.

My trainer and I are on board with the game-plan for Tuesday. Get on 1/2 hour before, spend most of it limbering up at the walk, trot a bit, do a few canter transitions and off we go. Ri is not that fit yet, and when he's tired he starts "go down the escalator" in the middle of the test.


  1. I love how she's explaining to you what he's doing, how you are affecting him, and how to feel the changes as they happen so you can work on it even when she's not there. Previous posts made it sound as if you felt you didn't know how to ride your horse, so it's great to see you learning together, and he really does look improved in the way he's using his hind end! Congrats, and I hope you have a fabulous show, too!

  2. Opening your chest may help him go a bit less deep, also.

    Sympathies on the boots.

  3. Aside from needing to square your shoulders a little--if you look up more, that will help--I think your position looks really good.

    Riley looks lovely with a nice relaxed swing to his gaits. If you can ride your tests that way, you should get some seriously good scores.

    Have fun. I am looking forward to your show report.

  4. I like the idea of half an hour of walking, stretching, a bit of trot and canter for warmup. Lots of transitions. Keeps your mind off the show jitters and Ri concentrating on YOU. Exciting!

  5. Nice saddlecloth.

    I was thinking the same as Jean. If you ride the way you're going in the video you should do well.

  6. I really, really like your position in this video. You look straight in the saddle and very "plugged in" to your horse, not concave. I even like the extra bend in your knee. Even though you said that you felt cramped, having your knee a little in front of your torso gives you great stability and your legs are so long that it is not much of a sacrifice as you still have miles of leg on Riley. With my short legs, I am not so fortunate!

    Riley's lovely way of going is evidence that he likes the way you are riding him. Awesome balancing him on the left lead. I feel the same lean in my horse, so I could imagine what you were doing. Very fun to watch.

    Good luck at the show!

  7. Just a beautiful mover and a few tweaks on your part, and you will do splendidly. I would rather see you sitting your seat (which with my limited experience I think you are) than leaning forward. As stated above, I think this is easily corrected with looking up and squaring your shoulders.

    He is a beautiful mover and I can't wait for the scores.


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